Cigars Deserve Better than Cigarettes cacover

Cigars Deserve Better than Cigarettes

Using the proper method to extinguish cigars is common courtesy and good smoking etiquette. Learn how to not offend you BOTLs when you put out your cigar.
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Cigars You’ll Never Smoke cacover

Cigars You’ll Never Smoke

There are cigars, and then there are special occasion cigars. Whether rare, expensive, limited edition, or a thoughtful gift, timing is everything.
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Cigars and Celebrations cacover

Cigars and Celebrations

Cigars and celebrating a variety of life milestones is a long-standing and well-known tradition. Gary talks about celebration cigars and why we smoke them.
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cigars wife

Cigars: Man vs. Wife

I love cigars. My wife hates them. If you're in the same boat, here are some tips to keeping her happy...ensuring some happiness of your own.
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Cigars and the Common Cold cacover

Cigars and the Common Cold

Know what sucks about winter? It's not the cold weather, shoveling, driving in the snow, growing a...
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Cigars for Troops: Famous Warriors cacover

Cigars for Troops: Famous Warriors

Whatever your foreign policy views, I'm sure you'll agree that supporting our troops is one of the...
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What’s in a Name? cacover

What’s in a Name?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Recently, a flood of unnamed, un-banded cigars has washed over Famous headquarters. Having just returned from a recent Central American junket, one of our Famous tribe is swimming in sample cigars for us to smoke and rate.

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Thank You for Another Great Cigar Advisor Year cacover

Thank You for Another Great Cigar Advisor Year

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thanks to all of the cigar reviewers and contributors: Robert “The Reverend Hurricane” Meyn, RobustoJoe, Tom Bullock, MM & JJ from Toasted Foot, Barry S…

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A Cigar is Born cacover

A Cigar is Born

Reading Time: 4 minutes The story of how a test cigar becomes a new brand.

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Life (and love) during wartime cacover

Life (and love) during wartime

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dear Family and Friends,I have some great news and I am so excited to share it with everyone!I was in Baghdad this week for a couple days of meetings.

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