cigar questions and answers part 10

More Cigar Questions: Answered (Pt. X)

Make smoking cigars a learning experience: the Advisors answer 4 more of the most often-asked cigar questions from their readers. Watch now! 
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tips for sharing cigars with friends

5 Things You Need to Know About … Sharing Cigars with Friends

Sharing cigars you like with pals forms a strong bond among us brothers of the leaf. Here are 5 best practices on how to share fair!
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cigar questions part 9

Still More Cigar Questions: Answered (Part IX)

We answer 4 more readers' cigar questions - on video - about how to rehumidify cigars, toothy cigars, winter humidor care and maduro vs. natural wrappers.
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Things to know about cigar boxes

5 Things You Need to Know About… Cigar Boxes

Learn 5 interesting facts about cigar boxes that'll make you give them a lot more respect - sometimes the cigar box is as important as the cigars inside!
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Cigar Tasting 5 Most Common Cigar Flavors 2021 Cigar Advisor Cover

The 5 Most Common Flavors You’ll Find in Your Cigar

Reading Time: 7 minutes You know how to smoke a cigar, but tasting a cigar is different. Here’s some help to hone your palate: these are 5 of the most commonly-sensed tastes you’ll find in a cigar’s flavor profile, and it’s great training for your taste buds.

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cigar questions part 8

Your Cigar Questions: Answered (Part VIII)

See our answers to 4 more of our top fan's cigar questions - with video! Learn about storing cigars, tobacco tasting, figurado cigars and fire cured leaf.
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cigar questions answered part 7

Yet Even More Cigar Questions: Answered (Part VII)

It's not hard to smoke cigars - but if you have cigar questions as a new smoker, the Advisors have 4 more tips that will help you. Watch the videos now!
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cigar advisor understanding common cigar shapes and sizes cover

2021 CA REPORT: Understanding Common Cigar Shapes and Cigar Sizes

Reading Time: 6 minutes There are so many different cigar shapes and sizes, it’s easy to get confused and get stuck in your comfort zone. If you’re looking to expand your reach, or just wanting some extra info, our Cigar Advisor lends a hand by taking a look at some of the most common cigar shapes and sizes—and breaking down the differences between them.

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cigar advisor 5 things you need to know about cigar cutters - cover

5 Things You Need to Know About…Cigar Cutters

Reading Time: 5 minutes While cigar cutters and accessories seem pretty straightforward, there are some interesting facts and information you might not know. Our Cigar Advisor takes a look at these necessary tools and unearths 5 Things You Need to Know.

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your cigar questions answered part 6

Your Cigar Questions: Answered (Part VI)

Do YOU have cigar questions? Ask us. When our readers ask interesting stuff, we share the answers with everyone, in more of our short videos. Watch 'em now!
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