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2021 CA REPORT: Understanding Common Cigar Shapes and Cigar Sizes

Reading Time: 6 minutes There are so many different cigar shapes and sizes, it’s easy to get confused and get stuck in your comfort zone. If you’re looking to expand your reach, or just wanting some extra info, our Cigar Advisor lends a hand by taking a look at some of the most common cigar shapes and sizes—and breaking down the differences between them.

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cigar advisor 5 things you need to know about cigar cutters - cover

5 Things You Need to Know About…Cigar Cutters

Reading Time: 5 minutes While cigar cutters and accessories seem pretty straightforward, there are some interesting facts and information you might not know. Our Cigar Advisor takes a look at these necessary tools and unearths 5 Things You Need to Know.

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your cigar questions answered part 6

Your Cigar Questions: Answered (Part VI)

Do YOU have cigar questions? Ask us. When our readers ask interesting stuff, we share the answers with everyone, in more of our short videos. Watch 'em now!
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cigar Questions part 5

Yet More Cigar Questions: Answered (Pt. V)

More cigar questions mean more cigar answers! Check out our short video answers on curing cigar breath, ID’ing cigar mold and more by clicking here now!
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how cigars are rolled

5 Things You Need to Know About…How Cigars are Rolled

5 Things You Need to Know About...How Cigars are Rolled By Gary Korb Rare is the premium cigar...
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still more cigar questions

Still More Cigar Questions: Answered (Pt. IV)

The inbox is full of still more cigar questions from smokers who want to get more out of their cigars. Check out our video answers - they may help you, too!
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how long to age cigars

The Basics: How Long to Age Cigars

Want to learn more about how to age cigars? Read our guide on how long you’ll need to wait to smooth out the strength and flavor of your favorite cigar!
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cigar questions answered 3

Even MORE Cigar Questions: Answered (Pt. III)

The cigar questions keep rolling in! Watch our video answers to more new questions about freezing cigars, humidor capacity, inhaling cigars and relighting.
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More Cigar Questions Answered

More Cigar Questions: Answered

Weird things happening in your humidor? Whatever your cigar questions, the Advisors have answers to the most-often asked inquiries we get from smokers.
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5 Things You Need to Know About… Cigar Tubes

Reading Time: 6 minutes Cigar tubes are for both presentation and protection. But how about storing them, keeping them, and what to do with them when they’re empty? Read now, and learn the 5 most interesting tidbits about those tubes – and the cigars that come in them.

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