how to make an old fashioned cocktail cigar pairing CACover

How to Make an Old Fashioned Cocktail + Cigar Pairing Recommendation

Looking to learn how to make an Old Fashioned cocktail? Here’s the recipe – and we’ve included a special cigar pairing that will really make this legendary drink go down as smooth as ever. It’s cocktail royalty, and you can learn how it’s done with these simple instructions.
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10 best cigars to pair with whiskey CACover

2018 CA Report: 10 Best Cigars to Pair with Whiskey

Love cigars AND a great belt of whiskey? With so many different styles and brands of drink to choose from, use these shortcuts to find which cigars to pair with whiskey - and why these cigars make up 10 of our favorite pairings. Click to read now!
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how to make a manhattan cocktail cigar pairing CACover

How to Make a Manhattan + Cigar Pairing Recommendation

On the hunt for something great to drink while smoking a cigar? Grab the Bulleit and learn how to make a Manhattan cocktail the way WE do at Leaf Cigar Bar! An excellent winter warmer, especially with the cigar we've chosen to pair it with - click for more!
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How to make a Bloody Mary drink with cigar pairing CACover

How to Make a Bloody Mary + Cigar Pairing Recommendation

Want to learn how to make a Bloody Mary without a mix (aka, “cheating”)? WATCH now to get our secret recipe, and our pick for best cigar to pair it with!
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How to make a flaming dr. pepper shot plus cigar pairing recommendation CACover

How to Make a Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot + Cigar Pairing Recommendation

Learn how to make a Flaming Dr. Pepper shot, plus get our perfect cigar pairing for this beer-rum combination. Watch, learn and be the hit of the party!
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cigar advisor top food and cigar pairings 9-8-23 cover

Cigars and Food: Perfect Pairings

Reading Time: 6 minutes Like spirits and beer, pairing your favorite foods with cigars can unlock flavor experiences like never before. See our guide to combining them perfectly so you can take your meal and cigar game to the next level!

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Top 3 Cigar & Beer Pairing Mistakes

Reading Time: 6 minutes Pairing cigars and beer can be a transcendent experience—as long as you’re not stumbling into pitfalls and myths that can take you from “Wow!” to “Why?” Check out our list of common cigar and beer pairing mistakes and make sure you avoid them!

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How to Pair Cigars with Beer & Food

It's easy to pair cigars with beer - and even easier to pair cigars with food. Keep our basic guide in mind and take taste to the next level.
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Council on Ageing Wine: Storage for the Enthusiastic Collector

Reading Time: 3 minutes Now it’s time for a few tips on storage. Just as with your cigars, you must provide adequate storage conditions for your wines. You can invest in a modestly-priced home wine cellar unit like a Vinotemp or Koldfront, or a fairly pricey Sub-Zero model. Or you can rent a wine locker in a climate controlled facility like I do.

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Ageing Wine

Reading Time: 4 minutes Why age either? Aren't cigars and wine a done deal when they leave the factory?

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