buy cuban cigars legally

Are You Ready to Buy Cuban Cigars Legally?

How close are we to trade with Cuba? Learn about the regulations that exist between countries. Plus: if I buy Cuban cigars, can I legally bring them home?
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Are Cuban cigars really better cover

Are Cuban Cigars Really Better?

Are Cuban cigars really better than other cigars on the market? It's not a simple yes-or-no. But we have the answer, and the reasons why, in this article.
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buy cuban cigars in america

When Can I Buy Cuban Cigars in America?

Now that the US is talking to Cuba, people wonder: "are Cuban cigars legal in the US? If not, when will they be and where can I buy them?" We have answers.
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How To Spot Fake Cuban Cigars

How to Spot Fake Cuban Cigars

Due to the scarcity of the real thing, fake Cuban cigars are rampant. Gary Korb's guide provides smokers with tips on how to spot fake Cuban Cohiba cigars..
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Why Are Cuban Cigars Illegal

Why Are Cuban Cigars Illegal?

Why are Cuban cigars illegal? The short answer is because of the United States embargo against Cuba, but to truly understand why, we need to look deeper.
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Rafael Nodal cuban cigars embargo article

The Cuban Cigars Embargo

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Cuban Embargo remains a hot button with many Americans, particularly Cuban-Americans who emigrated to the U.S. shortly after the 1959 Revolution. So the question remains: Should the United States’ embargo with Cuba finally be repealed? Many Cubans who have come to the U.S. in recent years have a more open-minded attitude. In our January issue, Boutique Brands founder, Rafael Nodal, shares his view on how he sees the future of the relationship between the two countries.

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A Crisis of Identity: Cuban Cigars

Reading Time: 7 minutes Partagás. Romeo y Julieta, Monticristo. Cohiba. In the United States, the world’s largest premium cigar market, they are primarily known as Dominican cigars; for the rest of he world, however, they are Cuban. The story of how these and other cigar brands came to exist in both Cuba ad non-Cuban versions in inseparably intertwined with Cuba’s own history, as well as that of Central America, the United States and Spain.

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What non-Cuban cigars taste like Cuban cigars? cacover

What non-Cuban cigars taste like Cuban cigars?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Learning about cigars: What non-Cuban cigars taste like Cuban cigars?

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My “So-Called” Cuban Cigars cacover

My “So-Called” Cuban Cigars

The forbidden fruit of Cuban Cigars makes them desirable and hard to find. They are frequently counterfeited, and Famous provides a guide to spotting fakes.
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cigar advisor cuban heritage cigars - cover

Cuban Heritage Cigars Buying Guide

Reading Time: 7 minutes Are Cuban Heritage cigars as good as their original, Cuban-made cousins? Let’s just say it’s apples and oranges. This buying guide lists 14 post-revolution Cuban brands and proves that you don’t need Cuban tobacco to make a great cigar.

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