Cigar Regulations

Impending FDA Cigar Regulations

There are just a few days left until the FDA closes your window of opportunity to speak your mind about the proposed FDA cigar regulations.
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IPCPR 2014 - New Cigars

IPCPR 2014: What’s New in Cigars and more!

What's new in premium cigars for 2014-15? Here are a few goodies that debuted last week at IPCPR 2014.
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What has the FDA been smoking lately

What Has The FDA Been Smoking Lately?

The FDA cigar regulations has issued deeming on cigars that have the potential to have severely negative impacts on the industry. Learn how you can help!
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Cigar legislation fda taxes military

Cigar Legislation Roundup: The FDA, Taxes, and the Military

John Pullo takes a look at the current state of cigar legislation, including FDA regulation, new cigar taxes, and a potential tobacco ban in the military.
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Cigar Industry News

Cigar Industry News & Chitchat

Gary breaks down the biggest cigar news stories in the cigar industry and highlights some key changes at big companies and new cigars hitting the market.
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Cigars vs Cigarettes

Cigars vs. Cigarettes

There are many differences when it comes to cigars vs. cigarettes, but many people view them the same way. Famous Smoke's experts describe the difference.
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George Orwell, Cigars, And FDA Cigar Regulation cacover

George Orwell, Cigars, And FDA Cigar Regulation

Regulation of premium cigars with FDA cigar regulation is hanging over the cigar industry like a black cloud. Learn how to protect your rights!
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FDA Cigar Legislation: How The FDA Took My Stogies Away cacover

FDA Cigar Legislation: How The FDA Took My Stogies Away

FDA cigar legislation is looming over the premium cigar world. Find out what they intend to do and how you can help protect your right to smoke cigars!
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Welcome Back To The Famous Cigar Blog cacover

Welcome Back To The Famous Cigar Blog

The Famous Cigar Blog is back and better than ever! Tommy "ZMan" Zarzecki kicks things off with an explanation of the best cigar blog on the web today!
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Thank You, Cigarette Smokers

Reading Time: 3 minutes CigarAdvisor contributor SeanMike Whipkey has got some words of gratitude for cigarette smokers, who got public to rally behind smoking bans. He argues that a properly done smoking ban is actually a boon to cigar smokers, especially those who can’t stand the acrid, penetrating smoke of cigarettes. He lays out Virginia’s smoking ban as an example, which allows the non-smoking public to avoid second-hand smoke in almost all situations, while allowing patrons to smoke in restaurants and bars that want smokers’ business.

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