Cigar Advisor’s Holiday Gift Buying Guide 2009

601 Blue Box-Pressed Maduro ($145.99 – $166.99)
The most accessible in the luxurious 601 series in terms of flavor and strength. A medium to full-bodied cigar made by Don Pepin using perfectly-aged Nicaraguan longfillers pressed in dark, oily Nicaraguan Habano wrappers. A great special occasion cigar that will be appreciated by more experienced cigar smokers.

Cariños ($53.99 – $75.99)
Cariños cigars are for the giftee who’s always open to trying something new. Created by Nestor Plasencia with a core of Panamanian, Honduran and Brazilian longfillers rolled in Nicaraguan Jalapa Seco natural or Nicaraguan Viso Oscuro Maduro wrappers. Medium-bodied with a rich, smooth and complex character.

Cigar Samplers
Davidoff 12 Cigar Assortment ($175.99)
What I call the Whitman’s Sampler of fine cigars. 12 of Davidoff’s best cigars in a wide variety of sizes personify the entire range Davidoff’s luxurious flavors and aromas. Presented in a cedar wood box with a detailed description of each cigar, it’s the perfect gift for the ultimate cigar aficionado.

Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro 5-Cigar Gift Set ($87.20)
The full-bodied Padron 1964 Anniversary series has received some of the highest accolades in the industry for decades, and these classic, box-pressed Nicaraguan puros are guaranteed to make your giftee smile with delight. I chose the Maduro for their richer, sweeter flavor. Also available in a natural wrapper gift box.

“The Muscle” ($49.99)
With the hundreds of samplers available it was tough to choose just one, so I threw a dart at the board and hit “The Muscle Maduro.” Ranging from medium to full in body, this all-star collection boasts dark wrapper leaves, and each cigar is loaded with complex flavor.

Cordoba 200 cigar humidor ($149.99)
A beautifully detailed cigar humidor that will hold up to 200 cigars. The box features high-quality craftsmanship and comes fully-equipped at a price that defies its luxurious appearance.

XiKAR Artisan 75 count ebony cigar humidor ($109.99)
XiKAR has a reputation for excellence and uses only the best materials for all their cigar accessories. This fully-equipped 75 ct. cigar humidor has an elegant ebony finish that will add a touch of class to your giftee’s smoking space.

Orleans Tobacco Leaf 25 cigar humidor ($44.99)
This value-priced 25 ct. cigar humidor comes fully-equipped and is adorned with a tobacco leaf for the tobacco loving giftee in your life, or someone who’s new to premium cigars and just starting to build their collection. A good buy!

Cigar Cutters
XiKAR Xi3 Amboina cigar cutter ($89.99)
The Xi3 series is top of the food chain in XiKAR’s repertoire of renowned cigar cutters. Ultra-sharp blades and patented teardrop shape design give it extra power and comfort, while the rare Amboina wood gives it eye-catching elegance.

Zino Davidoff cigar cutter ($41.99)
When in doubt, go with a proven classic. Designed by Zino Davidoff, this twin-blade cutter offers super-sharp, Swiss-honed blades, comfortable two-finger grip, and is made to last. A welcome gift for every cigar smoker.

Blazer Shark 54 Ring cigar cutter ($35.99)
And now for something completely different. Like the Davidoff cutter, the Blazer Shark features twin-blade action, but in a unique square shape that transforms into a pocket size square. It’s also ideal for the cigar smoker who favors wide ring cigars.

XiKAR Trezo Silver & Gold triple flame torch cigar lighter ($89.99)
Another winner from XiKAR. This elegant 3-jet torch lighter will perfectly toast and light cigars of any size, but is even more effective on wide ring cigars. It has a viewable fuel tank, easily adjustable flame wheel, and guaranteed for life.

Blazer EVO dual flame torch cigar lighter ($35.99)
Considered to be among the most dependable cigar lighters, the rugged Blazer EVO sports twin jets for perfect lights, Piezo quartz ignition, and has a built-in punch cutter on the bottom. It’s like getting two gifts in one!

Vector Megatron triple flame tabletop torch cigar lighter ($25.99)
Vector is another widely recognized name in fine cigar lighters, and they don’t call this affordably-priced triple flame lighter “Megatron” for nothing. Designed for your tabletop, it sits about 3″ high, and works like a charm.

Of course, there’s no way I’d have room to list ALL of my suggestions, but by now you should at least have some good ideas. And don’t forget: Cigars are symbolic of the Holiday season; celebrating good times with friends and family. So watch your budget, give selflessly, give with affection, and the reward will come back to you tenfold.

Happy shopping!