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The Essential Cigar Ashtray Buying Guide

The Essential Cigar Ashtray Buying Guide: Picking the Perfect Ashtray to Suit Your Lifestyle

By Jonathan Detore

Summer is right around the corner, and that means we’ll all be outside once again with our favorite cigars, enjoying the night after a long day’s work, or on the weekend grilling up a big juicy steak. But since no cigar enthusiast’s arsenal is complete without a good bowl to ash in,  we’re listing some cigar ashtray suggestions we think’ll suit your needs – and you’ll want to pick up, to keep your summer smoky. After all, that old-and-busted tin pie plate isn’t gonna cut it anymore.

The Weekend Warrior

You work hard during the week so you can play even harder during the weekend. It’s time to hang up your suit until Monday. The only thing you need right now is a grill, the great outdoors, and your stogies. And to enjoy your smoke time outside to the max, you need some seriously durable gear to stand the test of time. Each of these ashtrays are meant to take a pounding from the elements and all the times you’ll inevitably and accidentally knock them off picnic tables, arm rests, grills, and any other surface you can think of. It happens a lot…ask me how I know.

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cigar smoking starter kit

LEVEL UP: Get the Starter Gear Accessory Kit

Get everything you need for you and your buds to crank your stogie bender to 11! Buy this kit and get the strong-as-bejeezus 4 cigar ashtray from above, a slick double blade cutter that’s sharp as a Bull Shark’s teeth, and a wind resistant single flame torch lighter with a super sized gas tank. Perfect if you’re new to cigars and want to outfit with some accessories, or if you have a compulsiveness towards making your gear match.

The Occasion Sensation

With a big group of friends and a bigger family, social engagements are just a part of everyday life for you; and as the old saying goes, “sharing is caring.” If you’re one that likes to entertain guests and enjoy some primo sticks, these ashtrays are exactly what you need. With deep bowls, sleek looks, and multiple holsters for multiple users, these ashtrays are perfect for you.

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LEVEL UP: Get the Rookie Cigar Smoker’s Humidor Kit

rookie cigar smoker gift set

Consider this epic starter kit to upgrade your accessory game: if you’ve been going too long without the basics, get yourself set with a near-indestructible cigar ashtray, a travel humidor to keep your stogie road safety, a cutter, and wooden humidor. Again – another solid choice for the beginner in your life, or if you just need some extra storage and spare cigar accessories.



The Smoke Cloaker

Smoking cigars and grilling up some red meat: no matter what you’re doing with your down time, you like to stay immersed in smoke. It’s a rarity to see you without your favorite cigar in your mouth or a perfectly grilled steak and drink pairing to enjoy the night, and these ashtrays are perfect to show off your smoky pride.

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LEVEL UP: Get the RyJ Reserva Real Wine Gift Set

romeo y julieta cigars wine gift set

Since you’re a steak-loving, stogie-smoking, all-good-things-in-life-havin’ kind of guy, it makes sense to lean on the better accessories available – including your drink. And what goes better with your cigars and steak than a glass of primo wine? Consider a set like this Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real deal: 5 big toros where the usually mild-mannered taste of RyJ blend has been kicked up a few notches, having been laced with a good helping of Nicaraguan tobaccos in the blend. Now pair these 5 more-full body Romeos along with restaurant-grade bottle implements, and you’re always prepared with the perfect pairing to a perfect night. As for the cigar ashtray, well…get creative.

So there’s 9 picks to get you started…I’ve even wrung my brain like a wet dishrag to get those 3 kit ideas together. But no matter what ashtray you choose, make sure you put it to good use – watch your ash, handle your business and make sure you don’t drop any on the floor!

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