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Cigar Bars Offer the Best of Both Worlds

Cigar Bar
Enjoy a bite, a drink, and a cigar at Leaf Cigar Bar!

According to an informal poll I conducted five minutes ago expressly for this article, 95% of cigar smokers enjoy an ice cold glass of suds alongside their favorite stogie. Among those who responded, some prefer their puro with a couple generous fingers of whisky, rum or tequila. Others prefer a well-made cocktail. Still others take their smoke with wine, port, brandy or cognac.

Whatever your preference, the research suggests that cigars and libations are a fine-tuned combination guaranteed to put a smile on your face. But with smoking bans reaching a fever pitch, our choices for enjoying booze and stogies simultaneously are becoming more limited by the day.

Short of hitting the back porch, what’s a star-crossed cigar lover to do? Enter the Cigar Bar.

A well-designed cigar bar caters to thirsty cigar lovers in several key ways:

Gentlemen, You May Smoke.

There are no restrictions on smoking. Bonus points: the establishment’s state-of-the-art ventilation system keeps even non-smokers comfortable.

Care for a Drink?

A rotating tap selection includes craft beers with a focus on local brews, plus the option of domestics for the less-adventurous. Furthermore, it’s stocked with a veritable anthology of scotch, bourbon and other liquors, plus a deep and well-priced wine list.

Mild, Medium or Full?

Its cigar selection includes millions of cigars, ranging from the humblest bundle stogie to rare top-shelf premiums and everything in between. What’s more, the staff is happy to offer tasting notes and drink pairing suggestions for your cigar.

“Can I Get You a Bite, Hon?”

The menu features appetizers, soups, sandwiches and entrées for virtually every budget and taste.

Leaf Cigar BarVibes

The cigar bar’s relaxed atmosphere is sophisticated yet friendly, plus there’s outdoor seating (weather permitting). Between poker tournaments, live music and comedy, it also offers entertainment for everybody.

Does such a mythical place even exist? You bet it does. So why aren’t you here yet?

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John Pullo

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