Cigar Advisor Contests

Cigar Advisor Contests

Cigar Contest: It’s Time to Light Up the Victory Smoke

Ever had a cigar bomb? Ohhhh, the calamity of it all – you open your mailbox, and unbeknownst to you there’s a carefully selected assortment of handmade cigars staring back at you, that someone thought you just needed to try.  Surprise, surprise. That’s what qualifies as harmless fun and tomfoolery around here. So while you can count on a knowledge drop every week from the staff, every so often the Advisors will pass along some special giveaways, run cigar contests and dish sweet prizes for our Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf.

It’s the Advisor Way, where we give ’til it hurts.

Next time, it’s a gift card giveaway for Famous Smoke Shop…so step on up, throw your name in the hat, and win cigars and cigar wisdom from us, for the price of FREE.

That’s right – enter NOW for your chance to win FREE cigar accessories & other great prizes from Cigar Advisor & Famous Smoke Shop!

Submit your e-mail address below to enter for your chance to take home the goods in our monthly monster sweepstakes:

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You must be 21 years or older and a resident of the contiguous 48 states to qualify for entry.



Previous Winners:

Michael W. of NY | Iwan C. of WY | Austin B. of TX | Eric H. of MD | Trent S. of TX | Larry H. of AL | Donald K. of ME | Ralph B. of TX | Drew S. of PA | Joshua M. of KS | Brian I. of NY | Kathryn D. of CA | Marshall M. of NJ | Steve G. of NC | Jose R. of PA | Ryan B. of OR | Victor O. of CT | Aaron A. of MN | Mike W. of NJ | Ethan C. of CO | Zoran A. of MO | Brandon J. of TN | Shari D. of KS | Peter O. of WI | Robert S. of IN | Rickey R. of TX | Randall T. of WY | Jeremy B. of DE | Keith R. of NJ | Randy C. of CA | Gary Y. of WV | Darrylyn B. of NC | Edward Z. of NY | Cindi M. of SC | Kenny A. of CA | Steve M. of CA | Jarod A. of CO | Tony C. of IL | Kenneth Z. of NY | Daniel Y. of PA | Jason F. of MD | Justin T. of PA | Christopher H. of SC | Charles M. of CA | Jim S. of MN | Amanda R. of CA | Ryan R. of WI | William C. of MI | Bill S. of WI | Rolan B. of TX | Chris D. of TX | Jonathan C. of SC | Mike C. of MD | Craig T. of FL