That’s right! We do what we can to keep the Cigar Monster tame but this summer he has promised to wreak havoc on mailboxes all across the country!  From the confines of his cage he manages to assemble bombs and bypass security getting these out to the postal service.

Volunteer to put yourself in harms way and enter your e-mail address below to be added to the Cigar Monster’s hit list.  There will be new victims… I mean, winners…. every week!  Enter now for your chance to get bombed!

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List of victims thus far:

Michael W. of NY | Iwan C. of WY | Austin B. of TX | Eric H. of MD | Trent S. of TX | Larry H. of AL | Donald K. of ME | Ralph B. of TX | Drew S. of PA | Joshua M. of KS | Brian I. of NY | Kathryn D. of CA | Marshall M. of NJ | Steve G. of NC | Jose R. of PA | Ryan B. of OR | Victor O. of CT | Aaron A. of MN | Mike W. of NJ | Ethan C. of CO | Zoran A. of MO | Brandon J. of TN | Shari D. of KS | Peter O. of WI | Robert S. of IN | Rickey R. of TX | Randall T. of WY | Jeremy B. of DE | Keith R. of NJ | Randy C. of CA | Gary Y. of WV | Darrylyn B. of NC | Edward Z. of NY | Cindi M. of SC | Kenny A. of CA | Steve M. of CA | Jarod A. of CO | Tony C. of IL | Kenneth Z. of NY | Daniel Y. of PA | Jason F. of MD | Justin T. of PA | Christopher H. of SC | Charles M. of CA | Jim S. of MN | Amanda R. of CA | Ryan R. of WI | William C. of MI | Bill S. of WI | Rolan B. of TX | Chris D. of TX | Jonathan C. of SC | Mike C. of MD | Craig T. of FL