Cigar Humidification

There’s more to a good smoke than the name or the blend…it’s a cigar that’s fresh and properly humidified.

Whether you’re already well-versed in humidor upkeep, or you’re completely new to our cigar way of life – you’ll get quick and easy lessons on the tools and techniques to keep your cigars fresh and ready-to-smoke. Start with our basics: learn how a humidor works, get important tips on humidity and cigars, and how to season a humidor. Then go for the deep dive on cigar humidification, with pro-level topics like dryboxing, aging, and how small adjustments to your humidor can make big changes to how your cigars smoke.

Compare desktop cigar humidors and travel humidors in our buying guides, and get our free recommendations for cigar humidification devices that are both best-in-class, and easy to use.

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