Cigar Humidification

CA Report: Best Humidors Under $100

Cigar Advisor Report: Best Humidors Under $100

Updated May 2020

Your cigar collection has grown; now it’s more than your current cigar storage solution can handle.

Boy, did that escalate quickly.

So, do you think you can move your cigars into a well-crafted humidor for under $100?

The 4 reasons I’m guessing why you’re in the market for a new humidor:

If it’s because you feel your current humidor isn’t keeping your cigars in ready-to-smoke condition, give it a second chance – you may only need a new humidification device. If it still doesn’t work after that, try reseasoning your humidor one last time before you take Ol’ Yeller out back.

5 Tips for Buying Your First Humidor humidors on sale at Famous Smoke Shop

If your old humidor still works, keep it – it’s a smart way to help organize the overflow when you find a source for cigar deals, and your collection of smokes suddenly balloons.

But this presents us with the cigar lover’s challenge: finding a good humidor for under a hundred bucks.

Is Buying a Humidor the Most Expensive Part of the Cigar Hobby?

A lot of people think so. And it can be, if you let it: there are beautifully appointed humidors that go for hundreds of thousands of dollars (seriously).

Our top end today is a more modest $100, and I’ve come up with 10 picks as proof that a humi doesn’t have to be pricey…actually, we’re going to turn that hundred bucks into a pretty substantial investment.

Sizing Up Your Cigar Collection

When you’re ready to go humidor shopping, keep in mind:

That number adds up fast. If you buy a box or a few 5 packs once a month, then a 100–count humidor will likely fit your needs. But if your Famous orders are coming to your door a little (or a lot) more frequently and you find yourself on a cigar spending spree, then it may be time to scope out the larger humidification options at the next price level.

Are You Getting a Big Enough Humidor?

Once you’ve settled on your number of smokes, now it’s time to find a box that’s big enough for them. Humidor capacity is calculated by the number 7” x 48 Churchills the humidor will hold, without a humidification device inside.

That capacity number is ambitious, as we found out when we tested our NewAir wineador…you’ll never really get as many cigars in there as the manufacturer suggests you will. That is, unless you pack it full of smaller size cigars. That’s why you’ll notice in all the picks below, I’ve revised each estimate slightly downward for the number of cigars you can actually fit in each one.

Also important: a humidor works best – that is, most efficiently – when it’s kept about ¾ full of cigars. Too few cigars, and the box will dry out more quickly; too many cigars prevent the precious moist air from circulating. So it’s possible for your 100-count humidor to really hold 85(ish), less another 15 for efficiency – for a real total of somewhere around 70 smokes. Again, depending on size.

Seal it Up

Perhaps the most critical test for a humidor: how well it seals. The best humidors seal tight around all 4 sides, ensuring it will hold humidity and your cigars will stay fresh. The sign of a good seal is that whoosh of air you feel as you close your humidor’s lid. We’ve covered a few more points of inspection for your new humidor here.

Now, to the top humidor picks…I’ve combined customer reviews and our experts’ recommendations with quality of materials and brand reputation. And these are the best humidors for the money, if you want to feel good about giving your cigars a new home for under $100...

One more thing – most of these humidors should be in stock, but a few may go unavailable for a short period of time due to low inventory and the supply chain being interrupted. We should have them back in stock soon, and in many cases, you can put the one you like on backorder. Thanks for your patience until more arrive.

1.3L Black HumiJar – 15 Cigars

We start with the bare basics. A few weeks ago, I answered a fan mail question about keeping cigars in Tupperware or Ziploc’s, especially if you only have a few cigars. But this jar here, it’s the baggie killer. Our exclusive jar is a durable plastic that will probably outlive you, there’s an airtight vacuum seal in the lid – so it’s as close to a “set it and forget it” humidor as you can get. Toss in a dozen or so cigars, along with a Boveda pack, and you’re set. Perfect, if you’re only looking to give a few cigars a more proper home – and great for on the go, too.

Capri Humidor – 50 Cigars

The Capri has been our go-to humidor for first timers since…well, forever. Everybody has had (or still has) one, me included. An ideal and affordable pick if you’re into a no-frills, basic box that does its job; and judging by the 4 ½ star customer review, does its job quite well. We’ll call this a “medium sized” humidor , as it’s rated for 50 cigars, though it’s more likely you’ll squeeze in around +/-35, depending on what you’re keeping in there. For a humidor under $100, the Capri is hard to beat – which is why we give hundreds of ‘em away during our Free Humidor Days.

Old World – 50 Cigars

The Old World 100 count is one of the most often recommended humidors in our retail store. But if you can’t spare the space (or the hundred bucks and change) for such a generously sized desktop humidor, step down to this smaller 50 (but probably 40ish) cigar version. Same look, same quality – just a smaller price tag.

Old Glory – 100 Cigars

Another of the most recommended humidors under $100 in our shop. Outside, it’s an image of the U.S. flag on weathered–look wood; inside, there’s plenty of storage for the price. And if you really needed proof as to whether to trust our tobacconists, this 100-count version has earned every one of its 5 stars. A smaller, 50-count Old Glory is also available if space is at a premium; but if you have room for the larger version, and enough cigars to keep it full – this one’s a winner for under a hundred bucks.

Craftsman’s Bench Havana – 90 Cigars

When it comes to quality-built humidors, Craftsman’s Bench sets the bar pretty high: rock solid build, good hardware…let’s just say you’re getting a lot of humidor for under $100 here. This model, called the Havana, features an eye-catching burl wood veneer exterior. But if that’s not your style, there’s a range of Craftsman’s Bench humidors (with designs ranging from “Rustic” to “Key West” Blue) that share these size and capacity specs – as well as the price tag.

Orleans Zebra – 50 Cigars

A humidor with space to give safe harbor to (almost) 50 cigars. That’s a great size for a first “real” humidor, and excellent for your overstock smokes. But Orleans’ Zebra humi has way more than a beginner feel to it: the polished look of exotic macassar wood, the aroma of genuine Spanish cedar, plus a humidifier and a hygrometer. A lower profile lends a swanky look to this price conscious humidor.

Lotus Carbon Fiber – 50 Cigars

Lotus has impressed with their style game; a ginormous assortment of lighters and cutters, all with very attention-getting designs, but still ridiculously affordable. Their humidor is no different, taking hi-performance shape cues – like smooth, sculpted edges and a carbon fiber look – and applying them to this 50-count (though more like 30) humidor. Sleek is too slick a word to use here, so I’ll go with refined.

Craftsman’s Bench Saxon – 65 Cigars

If you’re keeping a modest stash but are willing to stretch every dollar in your $100 humidor budget – Craftsman’s Bench will help you make the most of it here, too. A gorgeous sapelli wood veneer is on the outside; inside is room for 65 cigars (I say it’s more like 50) to rest atop aromatic Spanish cedar. Another one we’ll call “medium sized.” Handmade and built to last, it’s doubtful you’ll be shopping for a new humidor for years – unless you outgrow it, of course.

Tuscany – 100 Cigars

One hundred cigars. 4.5 stars. Gary owns this. Need I say more? Probably not. But it’s worth mentioning that in addition to good looks, dependable humidification, and that thick Spanish cedar lining – there’s a lock & key to keep grubby mooch paws out of there. Says it holds 100 cigars, but I think about 85 or so is more like it. Reliable, big, and built to last, the Tuscany is still a nice “step up” humidor from the one you’ve outgrown.

Pompeii – 100 Cigars

Glass top humidors are notoriously tricky to care for – but if you’re adamant about showcasing your cigar collection, make sure to get one that’s built to perform. Fortunately, this is a case where you can let others go before you: the Pompeii humidor is not only a great value at under a hundred bucks, it’s highly rated and positively reviewed. Holds 100 cigars (but I’d expect it’s more like 80-90), and is well-appointed with a wood inlay styled design, brass hardware, and a forward-facing hygrometer.

We’ve touched on many options for a good humi on short money – I hope these tips, and this list, help take some of the guesswork out of solving your humidor problem!