Cigar Humidification

Glass top vs. all wood humidors

Q. I am looking at getting a second humidor. Are there any issues with glass top units versus solid wood interiors?
– Chris B.
A. Good question. The main issue with a glass top humidor would be keeping it out of direct sun or lamplight. The glass can act as a heat conductor and may adversely affect the temperature and humidity in the humidor.

The other thing is, it’s preferable to have the humidifier mounted under the lid, so the moist air can travel downward towards the cigars, which you can’t do with a glass top humidor, since the humidifier is usually placed on the bottom of the box, and often to one side, as well.

Of course, there is an aesthetic side to having a glass top humidor, since many cigar smokers like to admire their collection without having to open the box.

If you properly season the humidor, and can maintain a good temperature/RH ratio for keeping your cigars fresh, a glass top humidor should serve you just as well as a solid wood model.

Regardless of what type of cigar humidor you decide to buy, in the end, make sure you invest in a well-made box that hold up over time.