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Vaping With Electronic Cigarettes

Get the tar and feathers ready, for I have forsaken the cigar and have bought an electronic cigarette. That’s right big tobacco, shove it! I’m now into vaping with electronic cigarettes. Okay, so maybe I haven’t forsaken the cigar. I still smoke what I like and try all the new offerings on the market. After all, it’s my job, right? But that does mean I have to try ALL the products on the market and be well versed in every corner of it, and electronic cigarettes are getting a bigger and bigger chunk by the day it seems. Being the experimental and curious type that I am, I broke down and bought the Blu electronic cigarette starter kit and have been puffing away at my desk the past few days, and I have to say, they’re pretty good.

“Vaping” has been an increasing trend in the smoking industry as more people are becoming health-conscious and trying to kick cigarettes, which are far worse for you than the humble cigar. To this point, it’s worth noting that 3 other individuals at CA have also bought the Blu e-cig and have stopped smoking their regular 1 – 2 packs a day almost cold turkey, leading me to believe that they are a wildly healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes and can certainly help you quit. Not only that, but to help wean you off the nicotine, Blu offers smoke cartridges with high, medium, and low/zero nicotine levels so you can slowly work your way off it, as do most of their competitors.

The best part in my opinion is you can get flavored cartridges or juice to refill your e-cig to give you a wide variety of flavors. I stick with coffee or regular tobacco, but they have some pretty wild flavors out there like Champagne and strawberry kiwi. This is the area I think e-cigs can greatly improve though with time. While the flavors are a great concept, they could be more potent. When I buy cherry, I want to taste cherries, not a small hint of them. It is understandable though that for such a new product, there will be kinks that need to be worked out. Let’s face it, it took centuries for cigars to evolve to where they are today and they are wildly different from what they were even 2 decades ago.

So is it worth picking up e-cigs? To me, yes, they are well worth picking up if you want to kick a cigarette smoking habit or just to add a little flavor to your day to curb hunger cravings. They’re cheaper in the long run than conventional cigarettes, they’re healthier since it’s only water or food grade propylene glycol, and they look pretty awesome. Are they a good substitute for cigars? Absolutely not. There is no way you can get the complex flavors of a cigar in the flavor cartridges, at least not immediately and even then it would be a large task to create flavor changes throughout the life of a cartridge like we experience with traditional cigars. So if you’re looking for something new and interesting, I recommend checking these out, but cigars still reign supreme.