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Wicked Cool Shit – a Cigar Advisor Buying Guide (November 2013)

Cameron's House ' $1.5M

It's certainly not our place to argue against the benefits of a sick day: real or not, mental health days are important…or so we learned from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. But what to do with your afternoon of freedom? We say, crash at Cameron's house from the movie – better known as 370 Beech St. in Highland Park, IL. Still perfectly maintained and well hidden in the woods so Principal Rooney can never find you, it's the perfect spot to dust off the Red Wings jersey and gas up your Ferrari before you hit the streets of the Windy City for a day of truancy, parade crashing and general debauchery. Just make sure you don't launch the car through the window. Save Ferris! Here’s our November edition of our Cigar Advisor Buying Guide

Breaking Bad Lego Playset ' $250

Oh, Breaking Bad, you were taken from us much too soon…so rather than rely solely on Netflix for your fix, satisfy your inner meth-making science teacher with Citizen Brick's custom Breaking Bad Lego Lab playset. Let's be clear – this is not a Lego product, as no one in their right mind at Lego would ever allow their toy's name to be used in conjunction with the manufacture of methamphetamines. Their loss: you can go full-Heisenberg and recreate scenes from your favorite episodes from the comfort of your home, in your tightie-whities. We're just waiting for the Walter White RV add-on pack.

Shelby GT Pool Table ' $20-100,000

If you're a Shelby enthusiast, your reaction to seeing this pool table was likely similar to ours: “f#$%ing WANT.” Each table is custom-molded using a '65 Shelby GT 350,signed by Shelby, finished to full vehicle spec (using correct paint colors, real bumpers, etc.) and even the lights are real. Considering how rare GT350s are to begin with, you're going to want to take out an extra insurance policy on your pool table – especially when your idiot friend who knows nothing about using a bridge comes over to play. Either way, this piece is a lock for adding the needed badass factor to your man-cave. Bonus: it's much more affordable than the one that goes “vroom, vroom.”

KegWorks Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack ' $ under 50

It's football Sunday. You're at the stadium and your friends are tailgating. More beer is needed; reinforcements are summoned. This is when you slap on your Hops Holster: you enter, armed to the teeth with 12 beers sitting at the ready like shotgun shells bandoliered to your chest for easy access; thirst is defeated, as you scream, “get to the choppah!”

How could your team not win with such gusto on their side?

Underground Spiral Wine Cellar Storage System ' $12,800 and up

While we like to think of it as a wine cellar, we also like to think of it as the best stocked fallout shelter in the lower 48. Picture this: as whatever disaster – manmade or otherwise – is manifesting itself on the surface, would you rather be up there on the front lines, or down here with your finest of cabernets and a fistful of smokes? Mutually-assured destruction aside, it's a lot more impressive than just some crappy wine rack chilling in the corner of your kitchen. And a lot more fun to go shopping at the liquor store when it's time to restock.

Bugatti Veyron ' $2.5M+

You know something is well worth it when the company making a product loses millions of dollars with each item sold; as is the case with the Bugatti Veyron. It may (or may not) surprise you to learn that Bugatti is owned by Volkswagen – and they only make this car to keep its designers and engineers on their toes. This masterpiece is the fastest production car on the market today, topping out at +/- 250 MPH – which can only be unlocked with a special key. It has approximately 1,000 horsepower behind it, and enough acceleration from its massive 8.0L W16 quad turbo-charged engine to give you a week's worth of ab workouts from the G's forced upon you as you hammer down the pedal. Just remember to breathe.

Green Machine Big Wheel Motorcycle ' $75,000

The Big Wheel was good – but it was the coveted Mean Green Machine that allowed us, as children, to roll down the sidewalk like pint-sized Hell's Angels. Three wheels of badass, pedaling to the playground. Thankfully, someone had the wherewithal to take the original Green Machine design and mate it with Grave Digger, producing a big-kid sized trike powered by an air-cooled, 80″ cu. Harley-Davidson V-twin Evo. The result? A neon green speed demon that will give you 400 miles on one tank – which is a lot farther than we could have ever pedaled on one juice box.

BBQ Donut Boat ' $31,898

No joke: The BBQ Donut Boat is the result of a long period of unemployment. Where the inventor said, “Find a job? Screw that – let's make a boat equipped with a grill that can sit 10 people!” A tip of our cap to that man – you just made family time at the lake more fun and carnivore friendly. Each BBQ Donut Boat comes equipped with a low-smoke charcoal grill, a compact outboard engine to tackle the not-so-high seas, adjustable shade canopy, and even comes with lighting in the canopy for those romantic late night BBQ sessions with your shnookums. Steak on the lake at midnight? Yup.

Giant Coffee Table Touchscreen Computer ' $7,000

So it seems that just about every electronic device is now controlled with a touchscreen – phone, tablet, even the freaking coffee maker is a swipe-and-tap job. You can look at websites on your refrigerator. Great for making information readily available anytime/anywhere, or just for looking at porn while making a bowl of cereal. Could there be anything better? Yes: the Coffee Table Touchscreen Computer. A fully functional PC, it's water resistant (your parents used coasters – you don't), linkable to just about everything in the house and even can control your Wi-Fi enabled TV. Which means it's time to replace that old and busted remote control, even if it is that touchscreen universal remote you just bought last year.

Marshall Stanmore Speaker ' $400

What do you, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix all have in common? Assuming your name isn't Jimmy, it's that you play your stuff through a Marshall – and in your case, even if you don't play the guitar. The best in the biz when it comes to killer guitar riffs and heavy metal has made a personal and portable speaker for all to enjoy their music in the loudest way possible. Crank this bad boy up to “10” (or, if you're Nigel Tufnel, “11”) and let everyone within earshot know that you're an Alice Cooper fan and you don't give a shit who knows it. Connect the speaker to your MP3 player or smartphone using a standard 3.5mm cable, or go wireless through a Bluetooth connection so you're not tied down…because the Metal is never tied down. The Metal will live on.