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More Cigar Questions: Answered (Pt. X)

Here’s Four More of Our Readers’ Cigar Questions – Answered.

Let’s get this out of the way up front: we’re not saying that smoking cigars will make you smarter. BUT – if you enjoy cigars, we’re guessing you also enjoy learning about cigars…and when you can apply something new that you’ve learned, it makes the smoking experience all the more rewarding – because you’re smoking smarter. Now, to work on that learning about cigars part…

As we’re now releasing our 10th Edition of Cigar Questions Answered, what’s been interesting is that we’ve heard from everyday cigar enthusiasts (noob and otherwise) with questions about cigars that range from the basic cigar smoking 101’s to the seemingly graduate level instructionals and tutorials on getting a better smoke. The tough ones are a challenge, and we like that. But be assured, we never get tired of answering any of the basics. Consider this: as more people come into this hobby, they’re asking the same questions we all had many moons ago. So please, in the interest of furthering the cigar lifestyle, be patient and share your knowledge – and our videos, if you can – to help a BOTL or SOTL who’s looking to get more satisfaction from their smokes. If you have cigar questions, ask – and ye shall receive answers. Hit us up on Facebook or message us directly, and we’ll put our heads together to get you past your speed bump to progress.

Since last time, we got a bunch more cigar questions via email and social media. Lighter care was a big one, as well as flavor and taste. How to understand cigar reviews. All good stuff. So we picked the 4 most-often discussed topics, and discuss them in these bite-sized videos. So if you’re new to cigars, or just need a refresher on some of the cigar questions you may have let slip the surly bonds of your memory – check out these 4 videos, and capitalize on our research so you can find your way to better cigar enjoyment. ‘Cause we’re betting dollars-to-doughnuts that smoking smarter will be more rewarding.


Cigar Question #1: How Do I Clean the Jets on My Cigar Torch Lighter?

Chances are high that if you’re a regular cigar smoker, you own more than one cigar lighter. But there’s always one flame we get attached to, and we’ll use it to light our cigars through thick and thin. But what happens when your favorite lighter isn’t performing like it should? Jeremy from Altoona had this issue, and hit us up on Facebook with a good question we really hadn’t covered much, in terms of lighter maintenance:

Any advice would be helpful….2 of the 3 burners on my lighter have suddenly stopped working, any tips to possibly clean them out?

Turns out there are – and I’ve got a few of the best, in this short video. Watch it now!

~ John


Cigar Question #2: Why Does My Cigar Get Bitter Halfway Through Smoking It?

Here’s one that came to me, also on Facebook:

If a cigar that’s normally sweet and burns beautifully starts to get bitter about halfway through, is there a way to save it, or do you just have to toss it? It doesn’t happen that often, but these are my regular, “go to” sticks.


Marty Caskey

I also like cigars that have a sweet character to them, and every so often I get a few that are uncharacteristically bitter. One way to prevent a cigar from turning bitter is to allow more time between puffs. But there are other contributing factors that could be in play here. If you’d like to know what they are, click on the video below to see my answer.

~ Gary

Cigar Question #3: How Do Reviewers Taste Certain Flavors in Cigars?

We get a lot of great questions here at Cigar Advisor, and the one I get most often was also asked by Larry in Phoenix: “What do reviewers actually mean when they taste certain flavors in cigars, such as notes of leather, pepper and wood, etc.?” The answer is simple – and this quick video will help you understand what us tobacco pundits are talking about.

~ Tommy Zman


Cigar Question #4: What Are the Best Humidors For Traveling With Cigars?

We keep cigars locked away tight at home, safe and snug in their humidor home until we’re ready to smoke. But as we all know, when it’s time to wake one of these sleeping beauties by way of a sharp snip and high intensity flame, we may not always be at home. Traveling with cigars can be a hassle, and it isn’t as simple as putting a couple sticks in your pocket like a handful of change. That’s when Tommy from New Jersey asked us what travel precautions we recommend for his vacation; watch my fan mail video answer below, as I review the best options to store your cigars while you’re on the road. Whether you’re taking a trip to the lounge, or if you’re a road warrior, here’s some info you need to stay smoky wherever you go.

~ Jonathan

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John Marcolini
John Marcolini

Great advice here guys, thanks!

Bruce Meyer
Bruce Meyer

Its a great cigar plus you cant beat the price.

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