cigar questions part 11

More Cigar Questions - Answered (Pt. XI)

We Answer Four More of Our Readers’ Cigar Questions - with Video!

Q&A Time! Welcome to the crossroads of the search for knowledge and the search for a good smoking experience - otherwise known as the Cigar Advisor mailbag. For new cigar enthusiasts, learning to better enjoy cigars can seem as humbling as trying to find the meaning of life; if you're new to this cigar thing of ours, you know what we mean...the minute your cigar starts burning "off," or starts tasting funny, you start wondering, "what's the problem? Did I do something wrong?" Maybe you did, maybe you didn't. But if we can put out some useful cigar smoking info that will help people enjoy their smokes more thoroughly, maybe we can help them - and you - avoid the frustrating experience of learning "the hard way."

Looking back, we've answered over 40 cigar questions so far from everyday cigar enthusiasts - noob or otherwise - and the hits just keep on comin' (a message on Facebook is a great way to reach us if you want to learn more, or even the Twitter.). Since our last shoulder-deep reach into the mail bag, we've received some interesting cigar questions about how long it should take to finish a certain shape or size smoke and cutting box pressed cigars. There's also been a number of people asking about the nicotine content in cigars, as well as some recommendations for big n' pricey celebration smokes. You know, the top-shelf and most expensive cigars on the market. Have you had these cigar questions too? Well, we've got answers, compadre - check out these 4 short videos and find your way to cigar happiness!


Cigar Question #1: How long does it take to smoke a cigar?

The cigar questions just keep coming - and I got an often-asked gem from Steve, who resides in Bangor, Maine. Steve simply wants to know, “how long does it take to smoke a cigar?” While you think that the answer might be a subjective one, I went ahead and enlisted the help of the master blender, guru of all-things-cigar Jose Blanco to nail down the details. Check it out now - because you just might be surprised by what Jose has to say about this!

~ Tommy Zman

Cigar Question #2: How do I cut a box pressed cigar?

Robusto, Toro, Churchill, and more! There’s a nearly endless number of cigar vitolas out there for us to enjoy, yet one of the most asked cigar questions about shapes is actually about the humble box-pressed offering. Available in every conventional size you can think of, this mashed cigar especially piqued the interest of Larry in Oklahoma who asked “What makes box-pressed cigars so special? Does it give a better burn or a different flavor? And what's the best way to cut one?” Well let me tell you right now, Larry; the answer certainly may shock you to find out exactly WHY manufacturers make box-pressed cigars. But you can only find out by watching my video by clicking here right now!

~ Jonathan

Cigar Question #3: How much nicotine is in a cigar?

Some? A little? A lot? Pinning down an actual number of milligrams or something equally scientific isn't very easy - but yes, there is some nicotine in cigars. And it's the amount of nicotine that contributes to how "strong" we consider a cigar when smoking it. The tendency for many people is to compare cigars to cigarettes (which is a terrible idea, and I'll explain why), and is the reason I tackled this question from Robert, from Passaic, NJ: "how much nicotine is in a cigar?" Sure, it's a simple question, but it comes with a complicated answer. And it leads to more factors that REALLY matter - such as what kind of cigar you're smoking...what size it the tobacco was fermented...and a whole bunch more. But after a solid amount of research, I was able to trim the answer to Robert's cigar questions down to under 3 minutes. Watch now and see!

~ John

Cigar Question #4: What are the most expensive cigars I can buy online?

Dear Cigar Advisor,

I usually buy cigars in the 5 to 10 dollar range, 10 being my limit. But I've always wondered about the most expensive cigars. How high do they go?

– Rob Udecki in Colorado Springs, CO

I've run across some pretty expensive cigars over the years, and in a moment of weakness, have occasionally shelled-out the cash for one, but the most expensive cigars I've ever seen have been extremely rare pre-Castro Cubans, which you're most likely to find in at upscale tobacconists in Great Britain or Switzerland. As for what you'll find at retail cigar stores in the U.S., they can vary by brand and price depending on what they stock. So for this edition of Cigar Questions, I came up with five of the most expensive cigars you can buy online, and one mind-blowing bonus cigar. To see my answer, click on the video.

~ Gary