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Even More Cigar Questions – Answered (Part XII)

CA Readers Ask, We Answer: Four More Cigar Questions – with Video!

The Cigar Advisor mailbag has, once again, nearly reached its bursting point with cigar questions; and we couldn’t be more happy. Not because it strokes our fragile egos to be getting so much mail (who doesn’t love getting mail, especially when it’s not bills?), but because it’s exciting to see how many people are looking for tips, tricks and wisdom to help them better enjoy – and appreciate – the cigar smoking experience. The queries we get run the gamut from the specialized to the simple – we were all cigar noobs once, so no question is off limits or “too basic.” If you want to know about cigars, you deserve the opportunity to ask your cigar questions and learn…keeping this information to ourselves would just be plain selfish. That being said…

Have you been wondering about smoking so many different cigars, you’ll burn out your palate? Ever stop to think about why cigars canoe or tunnel? You are not alone…because readers this month have the same cigar questions on their minds, and want answers. Same goes for the price of cigars, and what this whole dry boxing thing is all about: Cigar Advisor readers are looking for facts and opinions, and by answering them here we hope you’ll take away some useful info that will help make your cigar experience that much better. If you have cigar questions – hit us up on the Twitter or drop us a Facebook message, and we’ll either reply with the info or take it up here in our (almost) monthly mail bag feature. Or check out these 4 short videos, as we may already be dishing the details on what you’re fixin’ to know!


Cigar Question #1: How do I smoke cigars without killing my taste buds?

Hey there guys, how will smoking cigars affect my taste buds. For example, will I still be able to taste things like sugar and salt. I really want to smoke a cigar, but I’m not sure what to expect.

– Mike Sanchez in The Philippines

Cigar smoke affects everyone differently, which is why smoking cigars is so subjective. I don’t think Mike has to worry about losing his ability to taste sweet and salty foods; however, there is a thing called “palate burnout,” which will affect your ability to taste the flavors in certain cigars. To see my answer, watch the video below.

~ Gary


Cigar Question #2: Why do some cigars burn unevenly?

I received this question on Facebook from Alex in Lindenwood, Missouri:

This question has been burning me for years. Why do some cigars burn unevenly? Either they burn down one side, or the center burns faster than the wrapper.

I thought this was a good question to answer this time because we often focus on fixing these problems, without actually explaining why they happen. What Alex is describing is canoeing and tunneling – both are separate kinds of burn issues, but both often have the same cause in common…and it’s not because someone at the factory screwed it up.

As I mention in the video, we’ve done other videos and articles on how to fix burn issues – check these how-to’s out, after you watch the why’s in my answer to Alex’s cigar questions below.

Watch Tommy Zman’s video on “How to Fix a Cigar That’s Burning Unevenly.”

Watch Gary’s video on “How to Touch Up and Relight a Cigar.”

Check out this article on cigar humidity, with tips on fixing cigars that tunnel

And there’s an easy tip at the end of this article on how to fix a canoeing cigar.

~ John

Cigar Question #3: How do I dry box over-humidified cigars?

It’s a common scene: A brown package lies at your doorstep. Inside you know is a collection of some of the most premium cigars on the market. Like a kid on Christmas, you tear away the brown packaging, reach for the cigars, and you feel an unwelcome spongey texture. That’s right, your cigars are over humidified. At least this was the case for Terry in Oklahoma who wanted to know why he got wet cigars instead of ready-to-smoke primos. Fortunately, I’ve written on how to fix over humidified cigars quite a bit – and with a few easy tricks, those top shelf premiums still can be every bit as incredible as you could hope for. If this is one of your questions, check out my Cigar Advisor video now!

~ Jonathan

Cigar Question #4: Why does it seem that full bodied cigars are more expensive than other cigars?

This week we got a great question from Thomas V. in Rhode Island, who asked: Why does it seem that full-bodied cigars are more expensive than ‘less-than’ full bodied cigars?” Well, the answer is kind of a tricky one – so I jumped in with (hopefully) a bit of useful, smoky knowledge. While it seems like a straight-forward question, I think the answer runs a bit deeper down the rabbit hole than you might think; so you gotta watch this most interesting response to a most unique inquiry.

~ Zman

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