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Yet Even More Cigar Questions - Answered (Part XV)

Fan Mail: Your Cigar Questions Answered...

It's that time of the month…when the Advisors take on your cigar questions and put their brains to work – which, honestly, is something we don't get to do that often. But when we do, we do it with one goal in mind: to make you a smarter cigar smoker. Plus, we've never been asked a question we didn't want to answer. Why? Because, there is no such thing as a bad cigar question.

In the past, we've answered a ton of readers' cigar questions via video - including the differences between plume and mold; the difference between dark natural and maduro cigars; how long it will take for cigars to go stale; and how to get rid of cigar breath.

So, welcome once again to our little college of premium knowledge, as we answer another set of the most recent cigar questions from Advisor readers like you who have a burning desire for enlightenment on this wonderful pastime. After watching, if you'd like to ask another question or voice your own opinion, you can hit us up with a message on the Cigar Advisor Facebook page or simply leave a comment below.


Cigar Question #1: How do I control temperature and humidity in an acrylic cigar humidor jar?

By John Pullo

Admittedly, Spanish Cedar humidors can be a pain to season and maintain. And that’s why many people are turning to acrylic cigar humidor jars to store their cigars, as they’re less intensive when it comes to maintenance; they’re also perfect if you keep a smaller cigar stash. But any humidor – wood or acrylic –is only doing its job if it’s keeping your cigars at a stable humidity level. So what happens when the humidity is too high in an acrylic humidor jar? And will that high Relative Humidity lead to a breakout of cigar beetles? Tad from California had that exact set of questions – and while there are easy fixes for wood-lined humidors, it turns out there’s a simple set of fixes for getting RH and temperature in a humidor jar down to the 70/70, too. To learn them, watch my video now.


Cigar Question #2: What are "seconds" and "overrun" cigars?

by Jonathan Detore

Justin in Indiana messaged me with this question, often asked by newer cigar smokers. We’ve all seen them in the retail cigar stores, websites, and catalogs, resting on the shelves with a “too good to be true” price, but we’re often skeptical about grabbing them because we don’t know what they are. Well, now’s your chance to get the inside scoop on why these might just be the best bargains on the block. Watch the video now only on Cigar Advisor!


Cigar Question #3: Is a cigar holder a worthwhile accessory?

by Gary Korb

That's what Dennis B. in Cranberry, NJ wanted to know. Also referred to as a "cigar tip" or "cigar mouthpiece," cigar holders are more like jewelry than your typical cigar accessories, and likewise, are made from a variety of materials including briarwood, amber, silver, gold, ivory, Bakelite, and meerschaum, like the one I feature in the video. I bought my cigar holder mostly out of curiosity, because I thought it would be a neat way to smoke the nub and get as much out of my cigars as possible. So, did it live up to my expectations? Watch my video to find out.


Cigar Question #4: What is the #1 cardinal sin a cigar smoker can make?

by Tommy Zman

A great question came to us from Phillip in the Bronx, New York who wanted to know what I feel is the number one Cardinal Sin that a cigar smoker can make – the one thing a fellow lover of the leaf should NEVER, EVER do. Oh, there’s a few no-no’s on my list, but I think many who watch my video will agree with my top pick for the most heinous premium hand rolled atrocity.

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