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Fan Mail: More of Your Burning Cigar Questions, Answered (Part 30)

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Mail call: more cigar questions have rolled in to us here at Cigar Advisor, and we’ve cherry-picked three great ones to share with you – it’s a great opportunity to pay forward some need-to-know Cigar 101 basics, even if it’s only a little bit at a time. It’s all about better cigar satisfaction.

We’re now at our 30th edition of our cigar Q&A series – and this time out, it’s a useful session for anyone who’s looking to learn about dealing with overhumidified cigars, or who wants to know a technique used when blending cigars. We’re also weighing in on that age-old debate: should I refrigerate my cigars?

These are genuine questions from everyday cigar smokers like you. If YOU have a cigar question you’d like us to answer, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email – better yet, leave a comment below. And if you’ve found these tips helpful, slap that “like” button and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you see what we put out next. And don’t forget to share these tips with your cigar buddies…knowledge is power!

Check out these videos…

Cigar Question #1: Can I store my cigars in the refrigerator?

By Jared Gulick

We received a question from Nick in Bolivia, North Carolina. He asked, “Can I store cigars in my fridge? I’ve heard of people doing that, but I don’t want to ruin them.” Technically, you can do whatever you want. But remember…every action has a consequence. This topic comes up more than most might think, and your choice can greatly impact whether your hard-earned collection survives. Yep. It’s that serious. Before you place your sticks alongside your milk and eggs, be sure to watch this video and see whether it’s the move you should make.

Cigar Question #2: What is a fuma cigar?

By John Pullo

We have some cigar Spanish on tap today…and it comes from Scott in New York. He asks, “What is a fuma? I’ve seen some cigars called fumas, but I’ve also heard you guys describe it as something else. What’s the difference?” Scott is right when he says “fuma” means more than one thing: both a valuable tool for the cigar blender and a budget bundle cigar, but a fuma is really more than that – and I’ll explain all of them, in this short video.

Cigar Question #3: What do I do if my cigars feel soft or spongy?

By Gary Korb

Even if you keep your cigar humidor at peak performance, there may be some cigars in there that, for whatever reason, have more moisture in them than others. The question for me came from someone who found that a number of his cigars were feeling very spongy, and wanted to know how to get them back to normal. Watch now to find out. . .

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Ben Dover
4 years ago

Dafuq is the point of even reading this article if you’re just gonna say watch this vid? Goddam clickbait

Cigar Advisor Staff

Cigar Advisor Staff


The Cigar Advisor Staff is comprised of three good-humored, yet dangerously unpredictable writers who share over 60 years of premium cigar smoking experience. Traversing the tobacco landscape like smoke-shrouded Avengers, they wander (mostly because the fat one ate the map) in search of new leaf adventures armed with nothing but torch lighters and runcible spoons as their weapons. Each is equally knowledgeable on the matters and pursuits of the cigar lifestyle, with his own unique and capricious insights on various luxury, sports, automobiles and entertainment affairs - all served with good counsel for your reading pleasure.

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