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Fan Mail: Your Burning Cigar Questions Answered (Part 32)

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Mail call…

The readers have spoken – and they want answers. And while we never profess to know it all about cigars, we’re just happy to offer some advice that might help you get a little bit more enjoyment out of that next smoke.

This time, we have three excellent reader questions about snacks to go with cigars, dealing with plugged cigars, and choosing the right humidification device for the size of your cigar collection. We thought each question was worth sharing with the rest of the class – so we’ve answered them with short videos, below. 

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Got a a cigar-related question you’d like answered? Or even if it’s just a second opinion, or you want to bounce an idea off us  – drop a comment below, or send it to us via the socials or email.


Cigar Question #1: What Snack Foods Pair Well with Cigars?

By Gary Korb

Can pairing a tasty snack with your cigar can make your smoking experience more pleasurable? That’s what T.J. in Athens, GA is asking. And for this Fan Mail video, I’ve answered with a spread of some of my favorite snacks – interestingly, snacks whose flavors can be found in premium cigars from time to time. Watch now to see what snack foods pair well with cigars…


Cigar Question #2: What Causes a Cigar to Have a Tight Draw?

By Jared Gulick

Today, I’m answering a question from R.T. who left a question in the comments of one of our previous Fan Mail articles. His question, “My neighbor brought me a box of Cohibas from Cuba. They all have a hard draw. What’s the problem?” Draw problems arise from a number of issues. Check out the video below where I’ll outline what causes a tight draw, how to prevent it when you can, and most importantly, the best tool to keep in your arsenal if it happens to you.


Cigar Question #3: What’s the Right Size Humidification Device to Keep My Cigars Fresh?

By John Pullo

James was wondering about an electronic cigar humidifier, and if it’s right for keeping his cigars fresh…so he sent us this Fan Mail question: “Is an electronic tank type humidifier too much for a 75 cigar wooden humidor? As it comes on to humidify, does it toss too much moisture out at once for that size of storage box?” While I think I found a solution for James, it’s a good time to ask the bigger question: what’s the right size humidification device for inside your humidor? Watch this video and get to know some different cigar humidification devices, and some humidifier tips for keeping your cigars fresh and ready to smoke.


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Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! :)

Jared Gulick
2 years ago
Reply to  AffiliateLabz

Thank you!

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