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Fan Mail: More of Your Burning Cigar Questions Answered (Part 35)

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We picked three Q’s and gave them some quick video A’s.  

It’s mail call! More new cigar questions have rolled in since our last installment of Fan Mailso we sorted through all the messages, comments and emails, to find a few that we thought everybody might like to hear answered  

These are real questions from real readers and viewers like you; we’re paying forward our cigar tips in the name of better cigar smoking satisfactionKnowledge is power, after all, so we’re hoping thinewfound (or re-reminded) advice either answers your questions, or starts a discussion after you share them with your cigar buddies. 

Do YOU have a cigar question you’d like us to answer? Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or email – better yet, leave a comment below. And if you find our tips helpful, hit the “like” button on the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel – that way you won’t miss what we put out next.  

Check out these videos…  

Cigar Question #1: How do you know when to stop smoking a cigar? 

By Gary Korb 

One of our YouTube channel followers wanted to know when the best time is to stop smoking a cigar. In other words, at what point during your session do you put the cigar down and walk away? The answer might seem obvious to an experienced cigar smoker; then again, maybe not. Watch now for some quick tips on when to know it’s time to call it a day, and let your cigar go… 


Cigar Question #2: Can you smoke a cigar backward? 

By Jared Gulick 

Recently, I came across a message from Greg in Reno, NV who wrote, “A couple days ago, I wasn’t paying attention and lit my cigar at the end where I cut it. I threw it out right away. I talked to a friend later who told me I probably could have smoked it anyway. Is that true?” That’s a good question, Greg. The short answer is yes, you can. The cigar will ignite from either end. Some cigarillos even come precut on both sidesBut will a full-size smoke be as enjoyable in reverse? To answer that question, John Pullo and I put it to the test: we both smoked Cohiba Royaleonly I lit mine from the head. Check out our video where we compare our experiences! 

Ed Note: Apologies for the choppy video. Working from home sometimes means we’re at the mercy of internet connections. We hope to have this fixed for next time. In the meantime, the video isn’t nearly as essential as the audio. So I hope you’ll listen along!

Cigar Question #3: Can two of the same cigars smoke with very different flavor profiles? 

By John Pullo 

Here’s one from Les, who asked on one of our recent #nowsmoking video reviews: “In the trial tasting of a new cigar blend, have you ever experienced very contrasting flavor profiles coming from the same blend?” Gary replied in the comments that, “Absolutely I’ve experienced contrasting flavor profiles from the same blend, and listed a few contributing factors.  

But there’s way more to the story than that – and it leads us to a quick talk about one of the most important cigar terms we use: consistency. Watch this short video now for a FULL answer to Les’ questionalong with some more why’s and how’s on cigar consistency. 

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Chris Ludlow
2 years ago

Different cuts. I carry a lighter with a built in punch cutter. For a while I punch cut everything . Generally I like and prefer the punch cut. However, having “diversified” my humidor selection I’ve found some cigars burn and taste better cut straight. My preference in cigars is maduro and after trying some ” round” cigars I don’t just smoke box pressed. My wrapper preference is San Andreas and I stock my humidor for me( it is my humidor). Ring size is 50 minimum and I keep 50s,52s, 54, 58 and a few 60s. The 58s&60s I almost always punch cut although I have a quality table cutter that will cut any size straight or v. I attribute the varying burns, tastes etc as part of the cigar( learning) experience although I consider myself a “seasoned ” cigar smoker. A video on Cigar Advisor about this would be interesting ( if you think it’s worth it) In the meantime I’ll always have a punch cutter with me. ( a vee cutter in my 5 stick herf). Thanks

Gary Korb
2 years ago
Reply to  Chris Ludlow

Hi Chris –
Sounds like it might make for an interesting video. We’ll look into it.
Thanks for the comment.

Felix cappuccio
2 years ago

How old are the leaves on padrons best cigars such as the 1926 etc thank you Felix cappuccio.

Gary Korb
2 years ago

Hi Felix,
Great question. The tobaccos in the Padron Serie 1926 have been aged anywhere from 5 to 10 years.
Even the tobaccos in their main line 1000s selections are aged for several years.

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