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Fan Mail: More of Your Cigar Questions Answered (Part 38)

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Cigar Q&A. With Video.

You have burning cigar questions.

We (usually) have answers. 

These are the highlights of the questions our readers have asked us this month – and we’re sharing them with you, so we can all enjoy cigar smoking just a little bit more.

For this month’s cigar questions, we’ve shot some quick videos: Gary has some useful info for noobs on ashing your cigar, Jared helps a reader get his cigars acclimated out of the coolidor, and John tackles the tricky country of origin question around Connecticut wrapper.

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Check out these videos…   

Cigar Question #1: When Should You Ash Your Cigar?

By Gary Korb 

Sometimes, what seems obvious to the experienced cigar smoker may not be so to the newly initiated. Jaxon in Ft. Worth, TX is a new cigar smoker who seems very concerned about doing everything  right—even when it comes to something as simple as how to ash your cigar. When should you ash your cigar, where to tap your cigar’s ash, and the shape of the ash are covered in my response. Watch now, and you’ll see what I mean. . . 

 Cigar Question #2: How Long Should I Let My Cigar ‘Rest’ Before Smoking It? 

By Jared Gulick 

Sal in Fairfield Texas recently wrote, “My coolidor is at 66 degrees and 69% humidity. When I take a cigar out, I’m assuming it’s going to act like a can of soda out of the fridge and get wet with condensation. Smoke it or not smoke it is the question. Some cigars I smoke right away and they’re fine. Others are like smoking a wet washcloth. Any advice?” Sal, this question revolves less around the temperature difference and more around the humidity level inside your cigar. Check out my video, where I answer this question in detail. 

Cigar Question #3: What is the Difference Between Connecticut and Ecuador Connecticut Wrapper?

By John Pullo 

A little background is in order here…this topic actually go started because of a beef over Cameroon wrapper, and whether or not it’s “real Cameroon” if the leaf isn’t grown in Africa. This country of origin thing is a bit tricky, because the same seeds can be grown around the world – this is especially true with Connecticut. But not all Connecticut seed is Connecticut Shade, because tobacco isn’t “just tobacco.” You deserve to know what wrapper you’re really getting on your cigar, as I think you should know what you’re paying for. Where a tobacco is grown can affect its taste; so the more you know, the more it will help you in exploring other cigars you might like, too. Let’s get nitpicky together, in this video… 

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Felix cappuccio
3 years ago

Good afternoon. my cigar question is how long should you put down a cigar before you smoke it.thank you FC.

Gary Korb
3 years ago

Thanks Felix –
If you’re asking how long you should rest a cigar between puffs, it should be at least one to two minutes to let the cigar cool and caramelize the tobaccos between puffs.
I hope that answered your question.

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Cigar Advisor Staff


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