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Fan Mail: More of Your Burning Cigar Questions, Answered (Part 41)

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You Have Questions About Cigars. We Have Answers.

Fan Mail is one of our favorites at Cigar Advisor. In each edition, we take questions submitted by our viewers and answer them based on our past experiences. More often, than not – like some of the advice in John’s traveling advice below – they’re lessons we learned the hard way. We don’t want you to have those same struggles. 

We’ve got a diverse range of answers to questions this month submitted from all over the countryIn addition to advice on traveling with cigars, Gary defines exactly what a ‘yard gar’ is, and Jared breaks down the simple, yet important process of cleaning your cigar cutter. Check out the answers in our short videos below. 
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Cigar Question #1: How Do I Clean My Cigar Cutter When it’s Dirty? 

By Jared Gulick

What does it take to get your cigar cutter clean? That’s what Theresa from Portola, California wants to know. Believe it or not, dull cutter blades aren’t the only reason your cutter isn’t working its best. Dirty blades = sloppy cuts, too. Not to worry…we’ve got a fix! Here’s what you’ll need: some Q-Tips, rubbing alcohol, a paper towel, and about 5 minutes. Check out the video where Jared shows step-by-step instructions on how to give your cutter blades a mirror finish. Plusa bonus tip on why cigar cutter lubrication is not a good idea:


Cigar Question #2: What’s a Yard Gar?

By Gary Korb

“Everyday cigars,” “after dinner cigars,” and “celebration cigars” are just a few of the categories under which many cigar smokers like to set aside a portion of their collection. Yet there’s another cigar that’s become a favorite of passionados—the “yard gar.” Mike in West Hartford, Connecticut wanted to know  what’s up with these cigars that are mostly relegated to more pedestrian pursuits. Watch what Gary had to say about yard gars, especially if you already have a yard:


Cigar Question #3: What’s the Best Way to Travel With Cigars?

By John Pullo

Our last question comes from Lee in New Rochelle, who had his 2020 vacation cancelled by Covid. Now he’s getting ready to fly to North Carolina, and asked if there were any tips we could give him on the best way to travel with cigars – especially since he plans to bring & enjoy more than a few.

Taking some smokes on your next getaway doesn’t need to be complicated – especially with John’s top 3 cigar travel tips to get your smokes (and your accessories) there in one piece.  Whether it’s flying or driving, the checklist is the same…watch now: 


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1 year ago

I fly a lot with cigars and worry about my cutters being taken by TSA. A simple tip that made me slap my head and feel like an idiot when I heard it: Cut your cigars before you pack them.

Gary Korb
1 year ago
Reply to  Robin

Hi Robin –
Actually, TSA is more concerned with lighters. I had one taken from me, so I know.
Not a bad idea to pre-cut your travel smokes, but I think they lightened the rule on cutters unless they’re the scissor type, which most are not.
TSA seems to get it with cigar cutters, but it’s your call, and you can always check the TSA website.

John Pullo
1 year ago
Reply to  Robin

Hey Robin – that’s a GREAT tip (and take a test draw to make sure the cigar draws well) Thanks! – John

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