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Top Cigar Questions Get Answered:

A new year means new cigar questions. We took a long break from the mail bag over the holidays, and now it’s busting at the seams. I guess we better get cracking! In between your bouts of shoveling snow, sobbing, and then shoveling some more, take a few minutes to defrost and see our latest answers to inquiries like: “Why is my cigar band suddenly looser?”, “How do I cut a cigar without a cigar cutter?”, and more. And don’t forget…send us your burning questions via Facebook and Instagram…maybe we’ll answer you in our next edition of Cigar Advisor Fan Mail!


Cigar Question #1: How often should you puff on your cigar?

By Paul Lukens

Jake, from Tewksbury, Massachusetts and a novice cigar smoker asks, “How often should you puff your cigar?” This is a great question that I’m sure we’ve all asked at one point. While the answer isn’t set in stone, the generally accepted answer is once or twice a minute. We dive into this answer a little further in the video below. Watch now!



Cigar Question #2: What’s causing my cigars to shrink?

By Gary Korb

This is what Dennis in California wanted to know after he bought some cigars and noticed that the bands were a bit slippery. Loose cigar bands can be caused by several factors, but Gary’s answer points to the most probable cause of the situation.



Cigar Question #3: How do I cut a cigar without a cigar cutter?

By Jared Gulick

My Fan Mail question this month comes from Terry in Georgia. He wanted to know how to go about cutting a cigar if you’ve got no cigar cutter laying around. Good news, Terry! Getting this done is easier than you think. To get it done, you’ll need a thumb nail. Hopefully you didn’t cut it too short. Check out my full video answer to see exactly how this done to get yourself a smooth cut and draw, sans cutter, every single time.






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10 months ago

Use your imagination. Razor blade to slice a cap, straight pin to poke a circle and lift the cap. The cigar is yours to smoke!

Thomas Blevins
10 months ago

Wait! Don’t all men carry a pocket knife? Problem solved…

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