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Fan Mail: But Wait…There’s More Burning Cigar Questions (Part 54)

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Your top cigar questions answered. See the latest video responses!

It’s been a while since we reached into the mail bag for some fresh cigar questions, and in doing so, we decided to update an old answer regarding inhaling cigars. Plus, Paul’s got the skinny on the best way to enjoy a premium stick, Gary’s gone to the library in search of the best cigar books, and Pullo’s drinking from the garden hose in search of the best water to use in your humidor.

Check out our video responses below and remember…if you have a burning cigar question, reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram or simply leave a comment below!


Cigar Question 1: Is tap water or bottled water ok to use in my humidor?

By John Pullo

Tom from New Jersey recently asked about whether he can use bottled or tap water in his humidor. Short answer: No. We’ve said for a long time that when it comes to humidification, it is distilled water and distilled water only. Tap water may be heavily processed to taste good and be healthy enough for us to drink, but your humidor sees those minerals as impurities when it comes to keeping your cigars fresh. Not only will your humidifier not work very well, but you could even be promoting mold growth.

And it turns out, bottled spring or purified water may not be much of a better option.

Watch now as John talks tap – water, that is – along with other bottled H2O, and why distilled water in your humidor is the best option to achieve peak performance.


Cigar Question 2: Should I inhale my cigar when I smoke it?

By Jared Gulick

Tony C. from New Jersey recently wrote us asking, “Should I inhale my cigars or not? Most of my friends don’t, but a couple of them insist that it’s the right way.” The answer is simple. You should never inhale premium cigars. To find out more about why, check out Jared’s full video response where he goes deep into the reasons why cigar smoke should stay in your mouth.

It’s worth noting, inhaling shouldn’t be confused with retrohaling, a technique used to draw smoke into your nose without inhaling it.


Cigar Question 3: What’s the best way to enjoy a cigar?

By Paul Lukens

Will, from Tempe, Arizona asks, “What’s the best way to enjoy your cigar?”

This is an interesting and thought-provoking question. I think the best way to begin is to be sure you have the fundamentals covered. What I mean is how to:

  1. Select the right cigar.
  2. Cut and light
  3. Ash the cigar and finish smoking it.

Beyond that, it’s important to choose the proper environment for enjoying your cigar and have a relaxed mindset. However, a good time can be had even ignoring everything I just mentioned. What do I mean? For a more in-depth answer and a story about ‘bros on a yacht’ check out the full video!


Cigar Question 4: What are some good books on premium cigars?

By Gary Korb

Evan in South Carolina wanted to know about some good books on premium cigars. Watch now as Gary spotlights some of the cigar books he has in his library including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cigars, The Ultimate Cigar Book, and more.

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