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Fan Mail: Even More Burning Cigar Question Answers! (Part 58)

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We’ve heard almost every cigar question you can imagine. Or so we thought. Just when we think the well has run dry, you surprise us with inquiries we never considered.

This month’s Fan Mail series goes deep into nicotine nerdery with a wide selection of topics and answers.

Though we were never in doubt of your quizzical prowess, you gave us some doozies of cigar questions that reach across every nook and cranny of the cigarverse…and we’re loving every second!

Below: John Pullo isn’t a history professor covering Winston Churchill, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Plus, Paul fumbles around with a lighter talking cigar touch-ups and Jared starts feeling his age when he forgets a topic about Maduro cigars.

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Cigar Question 1: Was the Churchill size of cigar named after Winston Churchill?

By John Pullo

Straight from the Q&A bag this month, a question from Sam in Timonium, MD caught my eye. He asked, “Did the Churchill cigar get named after Winston Churchill? I’m assuming, yes it is, but how did that happen?” Great question Sam. Your instinct is correct. Given his status as one of the most famous statesmen of all time, and that he dug well into 10 or more cigars a day, Winston Churchill always makes top 10 in celebrity cigar smoker lists. Romeo y Julieta pioneered the cigar in Cuba—but when and why is hotly debated. Check out my full video to see more.


Cigar Question #2: Are Maduro Leaves Grown Somewhere Specific?

By Jared Gulick

Back in May, Porter in Millinocket, Maine wrote in with a question on Maduros: What is a Maduro cigar? Are Maduro leaves grown somewhere specific? Why are they so dark?”

I answered the first and third parts of the question with the promising of a part two to cover the rest on the following month. Except Fan Mail didn’t air in June, and by July, admittedly, I forgot. A few eagle-eyed subscribers (thanks for reading!) noticed and were prompt to remind me. Thanks for that, too!

Let’s answer the remaining question… ‘Are Maduro leaves grown somewhere specific?’

Yes. Though they aren’t a type of leaf themselves, the tobacco varietals that are most commonly fermented into Maduros come from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Mexico.. But realistically, they can come from almost anywhere. Check out my video answer to dig deeper.



Cigar Question 3: What’s the best way to touch-up (relight) a cigar?

By Paul Lukens

Neal, from Sheboygan, Wisconsin asks about the proper way to touch up a cigar in this month’s Cigar Advisor Fan Mail.
That’s not only a great question, but one with a lot of ins and outs to it. When your cigar is experiencing issues like tunneling or canoeing, it’s not only frustrating but can ruin the entire experience. Luckily, there are a few tried and true methods to touch up a cigar and salvage the smoke. Now, whether you let your cigar go out and re-light, or re-light it on the go depends on the types of issues you’re experiencing as well as personal preference. Regardless, the basic steps remain the same. The first step is gently knocking off the ash. Depending on whether you’re experiencing tunneling or canoeing issues, the next step is to either re-light if your cigar is canoeing or—in the case of tunneling—let the cigar go out and either trim or cut it down before relighting. Finally, you’re ready to re-light your cigar. There’s a lot more to it than that as I’ll explain in the video below.


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