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Cigar Review: Grand Cru 2006 Grand Robusto Double Maduro

Draw: Excellent

Pre-light flavor: woody and semi-sweet

Toasting & Light: Had a little trouble getting this cigar toasted and lit. (More on that later) However, the first puff produced thick, creamy and woody smoke with a somewhat mild body.

Base flavors: Oaky-woody with a hint of sweet caramel and espresso

Retrohale: Medium peppery and creamy.

Aroma: Spicy, sharp and a little sweet.

Burn / Ash Quality: Burn got off to a crooked start, yet the ash was firm with a mostly grey color.

Balance of flavors: Excellent. Creamy, woody flavors with a hint of espresso were all present throughout the smoke.

Consistency: Very good, though the flavors shifted from a milder, sweeter character to a more woody and spicy smoke.

General Observations: I found this cigar to be the mildest of the three Grand Cru 2006 blends. What caused the early burn problem appeared to be a Ligero leaf that was closer to the outer rim of the cigar forming a hard, stick-like coal. After a brief touch-up the cigar righted itself and never returned. The smoke progressed from medium to a more full-flavored smoke at the mid-point. Every puff was creamy and well-balanced with a long finish.

Summary: The Double Maduro performed very well, like its Connecticut and Sun Grown cousins. I started the cigar with a bottle of spring water. By the midpoint the flavor ramped-up by revealing a spicier, dark tobacco flavor with notes of espresso and dark chocolate. At that point, I was curious to see how it would pair with a bottle of Offley Tawny Port I picked up at my local Wine & Spirits store for $7.99 on sale. This Port was particularly sweet, even for me, but it did make a nice counterpoint to the spicier flavors during the last act. I also had some chocolate covered almonds with it. Between the Port, almonds and the cigar, it made a great mix.

Finally, I would classify this cigar as a “true Maduro.” The flavors are dark, woody and semi-sweet with a shot of spice on the finish, and I believe Maduro lovers will take well to this blend. As long as you don’t have a problem with the 60-gauge ring, I recommend giving it a try.

Rating: 90

Rating scale
75-79 = Fair to Middling
80-84 = Good
85-89 = Very impressive
90-94 = Excellent
95-99 = Spectacular!

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Gary Korb

Gary Korb

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