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Trust is earned. So when someone tells you that theirs is “the only way to legitimately rate a cigar” – we find that a little too hard to believe.

You’ll read hundreds of cigar reviews here at Cigar Advisor, and we’re adding new reviews every week. But you’ll notice ours are a little...different. We stopped assigning our own ratings to the cigars we review a long time ago. It’s not because good cigars don’t deserve proper recognition; it’s because we’d rather play matchmaker and help find the right cigar for you, based on the qualities that cigar exhibits. If we gave a good cigar a bad rating, you may never try it…and just because it didn’t hit our sweet spot, you might never give that cigar a chance. Instead, we crowdsource the ratings numbers through the Famous Smoke Shop customer ratings: they’re an honest assessment from people just like you, who know what they like and why – a recommendation you can trust.

Browse our cigar reviews now: watch our videos, and consult our Cigar Guides for review compilations that cover the entire lineup of cigar brands like Montecristo, Cohiba, La Gloria Cubana, Oliva, and more of the classics. We’ve also published short-form cigar reviews that should give you everything you need to know about a particular cigar in under three minutes.