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A rather interesting cigar

A simple triple cap footed with a cedar sleeve and topped with a bright yellow and blue band, this cigar has a striking appearance. The medium brown wrapper is solid throughout with no soft spots, a slight plume, and minimal veins that sit flush with the wrapper. There are a couple of color spots toward the middle of the cigar, but overall this is an elegantly clean cigar. The aroma is of sweet peppermint while the pre-light pull reveals a syrupy flavor that is surprisingly thick. The draw has a pleasant resistance and pulls very cleanly.

There is not much to say for the burn – the well colored white ash stacked very evenly and the draw was consistent. I did not pick up my lighter but to fire it up and it kept an even burn line from start to finish.

The Reserve Organica begins with a muted sweetness and the overall flavor is mostly bland with some unidentifiable harshness, though there is an antiqued cedar and floral profile that arrives in the second third. The final third has a mint note and the undertone that I had trouble placing identifies itself as charcoal or a burnt profile which lends to the harshness identified.

At over $6 a stick, there are certainly other cigars I’d turn to first, but this is still a rather interesting cigar with a great burn and a decent flavor profile. If you’re curious about an organic cigar, I don’t think you’ll feel cheated by trying this one out.

Scoring Notes
Burn: 9
Consistency: 9
Draw: 9
Appearance: 8
Flavor: 8
Construction: 8
Total Score: 8.5

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