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Alec Bradley MAXX The Culture

Score: 9.5

By Tom Bullock (Pleasant Garden, NC)

The pre-smoke displayed a wonderfully shiny, dark chocolate colored wrapper in a firm and very heavy 6½” x 54 Double Corona-class vitola.

The draw was medium ,yielding a sweet, mature tobacco taste, the aroma gave hints of honey, the texture and feel are pleasant and promise good things to come. I lit the cigar by match. The burn was even, and the initial rise was sweet and rich, with notes of cedar and cinnamon.

The first third offered several layers of flavor, I detected honey, light leather aromas and taste, hickory nuts, all in a rich and palate-filling smoke. The second third was even more enjoyable. The flavors developed into alternating caramel and chocolate notes, some light pepper on the tongue, a brief note of licorice, all wrapped in a velvety smooth palate and aroma; very rich and satisfying. The final third was remarkably like the second, adding a light salty taste, some cedar and light spice. The flavors built to a peak, staying full and in harmony, until the point where I was forced to put it down.

My overall impression of this cigar was completely positive. The diverse flavors were harmonious and multilayered, and the aromas were a symphony; always very full and rich, never harsh or over powering,. The burn on this cigar was the best I have ever seen on a vitola of this size; perfect all the way.

I give this cigar top marks, the experience was extraordinary. I would give this a strength rating of 7.5 out of 10, and gave the cigar an overall rating of 9.5. I will certainly get a good supply of this cigar, and I look forward to trying it every six months or so as the cigars mature.

Appearance: 9
Construction: 10
Burn (ash, etc.): 10
Draw: 9
Aroma: 9
Final Score: 9.5