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AVO Classic Cigar Review

Davidoff (the distributor of Avo Classic cigars) has always been synonymous with super-high quality offerings and this smoke fits that billing to a T. Let me first say that while it’s a medium bodied cigar (maybe leaning to the lighter side for some), that sure as hell doesn’t mean light on flavor. Let me be blunt by saying that this stick is drop-dead delicious – incredibly smooth with a toasty flavor and an aroma that has passersby saying, “Damn, that smells good, what are you smoking?”

I hadn’t enjoyed an Avo in quite sometime, mostly due to the fact that I’m always off trying so many of these new ligero-laced flavor bombs that seem to be all the rage these days. Now, I’ve always loved smoking Avo cigars in the past, and when I lit this one up for the review, I realized that there’s a damned good reason that this is referred to as the “Classic”.

As for the tobacco in this sweet stick, the inside is filled with super-premium aged Dominican leaf. The wrapper is a pristine Connecticut shade-grown that drapes this cigar, offering a truly perfect draw while emitting a mountain of thick white, creamy smoke. There’s no question that only the finest rollers in their factory create these exceptional cigars and I’m confident in saying that you will just never come across a bad one. The burn the draw, and the flavor is consistent every single time out.

As for the history behind the smoke, it was originally created by the world renowned Zino Davidoff for Avo Uvezian, himself, a musical composer and lover of fine hand rolled cigars. Uvezian’s unbridled passion for the finer things in life, particularly music and good tobacco, fueled his insatiable desire to continue to offer the world the very best in tasty cigar goodness. While there are now multiple lines of the Avo brand, the Classic is the one that started it all.

While enjoying the absolute living hell out of this Classic, it really hit me that you can’t always fire up a strong full-bodied stick that has your head spinning while your taste buds do the Lambada. There are definitely those times you want to just sit back and savor a fine smoke, and the Avo will certainly make you realize this. It has a refined flavor with subtle nuances throughout, and if you take your time with this masterpiece, you’ll no doubt feel like you’ve experienced a little slice of heaven.

There are a number of cigars out there that fit this flavor profile, but Avo cigars are a most special treat that has me wondering why on earth I have ignored its grace and beauty for so long. I think most of all, this cigar has reminded me that we need to slow down and take a time out from the rigors of the daily grind. You just can’t be running around at a breakneck pace all the time – you’ve got to take a step back and give your mind the relaxation and enjoyment it fully deserves. I truly cannot think of a better way to achieve your moment of bliss than lighting up an Avo Uvezian Classic.