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Cigar Review: 90 Miles 1980 Gordito

90 Miles 1980 Cigar Review

Construction and Overall Appearance: Seamless rolling; not one soft spot. The Mexican wrapper was flawless and even in color from head to toe.

Draw: Excellent

Pre-light flavor: Nutty and sweet

Toasting & Light: Cigar toasted and lit evenly. First puff was very creamy with notes of caramel up front.

Base flavors: sweet tobacco, sweet cream, toasted nuts, some spice notes

Retrohale: Spicy, but smooth and well-balanced

Aroma: Excellent

Burn / Ash Quality: Great silvery and decidedly firm ash, with a squeaky clean burn.

Balance of flavors: Spectacular.

Consistency: Excellent.

General Observations: This cigar gave off a thick fog of creamy, aromatic smoke. I liked this cigar right from the start, primarily for it’s sweet characteristics. With every puff, I wanted all that creamy aromatic smoke to whirl around and envelop me.

After the first ash dropped off, a perfect cherry cone was revealed. The flavors become more defined, more robust, and some spicy notes entered the mix. Letting the cigar rest longer between puffs kept the flavors consistent. Each puff had just the right balance of earthy, nutty and sweet tobacco flavors.

By the midpoint the finish remained sweet with a subtle layer of spice. Not much had changed in the mix. However, as I passed the midpoint, the flavors and strength ramped-up. The smoke and the aroma were much heartier. The burn was perfect, and required only one relight after I’d put it down a little too long, which it stood up to quite well.

I finally let it go at the 1-inch mark. It was a long smoke, and by that point, having gone through a lot of Ligero, it began to taste a bit tarry.

Summary: Extremely impressive. Of all of the 90 Miles cigar selections, the 1980 has gone to the top of my list, followed by the original blend and the Reserva. This was a real “take your time” smoke, too. Despite the heavy amount of Ligero, this was not a heady smoke. I’d classify it as medium-full, leaning more to the full side. I believe even novice smokers will enjoy this cigar. It has a lot to offer, making it well worth trying.

Rating: 94

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75-79 = Fair to Middling
80-84 = Good
85-89 = Very impressive
90-94 = Excellent
95-99 = Spectacular!