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Cigar Review: Perdomo Exhibición Toro Grande

Draw: Just a bit snug before lighting. Loosened up a bit afterwards.

Pre-light flavor: Somewhat grassy and spicy.

Toasting & Light: Cigar toasted and lit well with little effort. First puffs were creamy, thick and chewy with a sweet aroma and sweet-nutty flavor.

Base flavors: Roasted nuts, earthiness, sweet tobacco, and a note of toffee.

Retrohale: Peppery, but not spicy-hot peppery

Aroma: Dynamite. Especially when you’re just pulling the cigar away from your lips and that excess smoke is swirling around you.

Burn / Ash Quality: This cigar offered a decent burn that revealed a semi-firm grey ash.

Balance of flavors: Excellent

Consistency: Superior

General Observations: This cigar smoked great and hit on all cylinders in terms of flavor. Just one glitch. During the last third, the wrapper cracked and began to unravel. (I think it was a combination of the cigar being over humidified and toking on it too often.) I was able to fix part of it with some cigar roller’s glue, but a lot of binder was exposed. In spite of that, the cigar maintained an excellent balance of flavor. Normally, I would’ve written it off and smoked another, but it really hung in there. Eventually, the cigar caught up to the wrapper and it was smooth sailing again from there.

Summary: If I had to compare this cigar to another Perdomo it would have to be the 10th Anniversary Champagne. The flavors are similar, as is the wrapper. This could easily become an everyday smoke for me. Moreover, I would definitely recommend it to new cigar smokers or others seeking an affordably-priced cigar that’s mild, yet full-flavored.

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