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My Weekend Cigar Review: Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut

VIDEO CIGAR REVIEW: Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut

You’ve Come A Long Way From Nick’s Sticks, Baby

In August 1992, a 27-year-old Nick Perdomo Jr. decided that, like his now late father, Nicholas Sr., the cigar business is where he really belonged. So, working out of his Miami home with some excellent tobacco, like a budding garage band Nick founded Nick’s Cigar Co. in his garage. Branding the cigars Nick’s Sticks (he’s also an talented Rock drummer), Nick began to develop those valuable relationships with cigar retailers.

By 1994, the Cigar Boom was blooming and Nick’s Sticks were picking up with cigar smokers. The name was later changed to Perdomo Cigars, and manufacturing was moved to Estelí, Nicaragua. Fast-forward to 2022

Like previous Anniversary releases, the Perdomo 30th Anniversary selection includes the three familiar wrapper lines – Connecticut, Sun Grown, and Maduro – each offered in the same five vitolas. Additionally, all three wrappers have undergone 15 years of bourbon oak barrel aging. The core blend is a more robust recipe of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos grown on Perdomo’s regional Nicaraguan farms.

According to Nick, “The 30th Anniversary line not only encapsulates the essence of our team’s dedication to the finest quality and craftsmanship, it represents our longstanding commitment to our cherished patrons.”

Cigar Details:

Factory: Tabacalera Perdomo – Esteli, Nicaragua
Size: 7×54 Churchill
Strength: Medium+
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade (Ecuador)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Presented in boxes of 30

Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut Cigar Review

The Ecuador Connecticut Shade wrapper had a nice even color and a clean triple seam cap. The cigar was firm all the way through and had a nice balance in the hand for a big cigar.

After cutting the draw was perfect with an herbal taste mixed with a hint of molasses. Once lit, earth and pepper were introduced. However, the cigar rounded-out pretty quickly as the smoke turned creamy and mellow with notes of herbs, wood, and sweet tobacco.

By the half inch mark, the smoke felt a bit more dense. The flavors began balancing out into a rich, nutty-oaky flavor with a murmur of light earth.

Once past the first inch, the cigar found its groove. Some drive-by vanilla caramel notes stole a rare moment or two. From there, the Churchill was sailing out toward calm, medium-bodied waters.

At the midsection, the smoke continued pretty much as-is; just a bit nuttier, while the oak and honeyed tobacco notes kept the sails trimmed. By now, I also began to notice how sweet the aroma was. So far, very good. Just one little piece of advice: when you remove the band, note that the wrapper is very delicate.

Heading into this Churchill’s final inches, the ashes were generally firm and tapped off easily. The body had acquired some additional weight and there was a bit more strength, too; but then, it’s a long cigar. That said, the smoke remained creamy and flavorful to the nub, which clocked-out at just shy of 2 hours.

Was the Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut Churchill Weekend Worthy?

Even though I’ve sung the praises of the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Epicure for years, I enjoyed this 30th Anniversary Connecticut blend a lot. It was well-balanced throughout, offered a nice set of creamy flavors, and I think the Churchill, itself, may have a golf cigar career ahead of it.

As I said in the video, I’ve had a number of cigars with Connecticut Shade wrapper over Nicaraguan core blends in the past few months, and this Perdomo 30th Connecticut was among the standouts. It’s definitely up there with our 30th Anniversary Sun Grown Churchill review.

For the most part, the Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut Churchill is a cigar that more experienced smokers may enjoy for its depth and rich flavor, while its creamy medium body makes it just right for newer smokers. The MSRP reflects the times a little, but it’s a big cigar, too. On sale, you could even get to under $10 a cigar, but either way, it’s worth a peaceful afternoon.

Please Note: Gary’s review was based on two samples and that your experience may vary. If you’ve already had an experience with this cigar please share your thoughts with a comment.