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My Weekend Cigar: Rocky Patel L#5 Habano (sample)

I put the cigar at about 5 x 50, and if it didn’t have a band, I would have mistaken it for a Padron Anniversary 1964 Exclusivo. The Habano wrapper (I’m assuming it was Nicaraguan) was dark and flawless with a slightly reddish hue and sharply pressed around a well-packed center. I held onto the sample until this past Saturday, when I lit it up and paired it with a glass of Taylor Fladgate Late Bottle Vintage 2003.

The cigar clipped and lit perfectly and wasted no time in charging my palate with a saucy dollop of dark tobacco sweetness riddled with nutmeg. The draw was easy, while the smoke was thick, creamy and delightfully smooth; nothing peppery or spicy hot in the mix at all.

This was a dreamy and relaxing smoke with a medium to full body. Each puff was consistently flavorful and the ash was firm, breaking off in inch-size nuggets. Although I prefer Port most often with my cigars, the semi-sweet flavor of the Taylor dovetailed perfectly with this blend.

I’m not sure what name this cigar will eventually be released as, or if what I smoked will even be the final blend, but it was one of the best cigars I’ve had all year. It smoked consistently well down to the last inch without going sour on me, too. I would have kept going, but I like having skin on my fingers.

If Rocky or anyone in his camp is reading this, thanks for the wonderful experience, and don’t change a thing!

~ Gary Korb