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#NowSmoking: Romeo y Julieta Envy

NowSmoking: Romeo y Julieta Envy Cigar Review (Video)

Blend Details:

Factory: Plasencia Cigars S.A. – Estelí, Nicaragua
Size: 6”x55 Toro
Strength: Medium-plus
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Jalapa
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

Presented in boxes of 11

The Romeo y Julieta Envy Back Story

It’s always about Love at Romeo y Julieta cigars and the various themes that stem from amor. For their latest limited edition cigar, the Romeo y Julieta Envy Amulet, it’s how love can inspire envy. In an attempt to capture what triggers this emotion, Altadis USA’s Head of Product Capability, Rafael Nodal and Plasencia Cigars S.A. in Estelí have created a unique, one size, limited-edition puro built upon opulent aromas and luscious flavor notes.

“This blend was in the making for quite some time because we knew the aging process would bring out amazing notes from these Nicaraguan tobaccos,” said Rafael. Once the blend was complete, they chose a 6”x55 Toro as the ideal size to bring out the best flavor and aroma in those special tobaccos.

In an 11 cigar box presentation appropriately decked-out in vivid green, the eye amulet graphic of the release is an ancient symbol that is supposed to stave off bad energy. The eye symbol is also included on Envy’s secondary cigar band to serve as a personal symbolic bracelet of protection, if you will.

Cigar Basics

The wrapper sports an attractive chocolate color that’s even throughout. There were a few veins in spots, but I found nothing too distracting. The cigar was also firmly rolled with no soft spots. The triple seam cap was expertly applied. The wrapper aroma had a sweet tobacco fragrance, while the tobacco at the foot was a little more herbal. Once clipped with my double blade cutter, the draw was just right and I got distinct oak whiskey cask taste. For some reason, I thought the cigar felt bigger than a 55-ring; it also had some nice weight to it.

Romeo y Julieta Envy Cigar Review

Once lit, the early puffs in this Envy were pretty bold and spicy. I got a decent amount of pepper on the finish but the smoke itself was smooth and creamy. The Envy rounded out at about half an inch turning into a rich, creamy and chewy smoke with flavors of oak, nutmeg, star anise, and some white pepper. Nutmeg soon became more well-defined as the flavors began to develop. Medium in body, as the burn neared the midsection, suddenly the flavors sprung open like a blooming flower in a nature movie.

At the midsection, little had changed, but I wasn’t complaining. The Envy Amulet was issuing massive clouds of smoke and long, light grey ashes. The flavors were mostly that of baking spices. Nutmeg and cinnamon remained on top while some of that oak cask flavor drove by. (I wonder if some of these tobaccos were aged in oak barrels.) Still well-balanced and just north of medium in body, flavors of dark chocolate and leather appeared. At this point, the tobacco aroma was also rich and spicy.

During the final furlong, nutmeg and cinnamon were more dominant with some of that dark chocolate trailing behind. Remaining creamy, medium-plus in body, and well-balanced, my Amulet continued to put out thick clouds of smoke. Another long firm ash began to form, too. The Envy’s ability to retain most of its flavors and balance was pretty impressive at this stage.

Are Romeo y Julieta Envy Cigars Worth Buying?

Absolutely, that is, if you like big, full-flavored Nicaraguan puros. The Romeo y Julieta Envy Amulet had just about everything I like in a cigar. Very smooth and creamy, it had a flavor set I enjoy, like those baking spices, the semi-sweet chocolate, and the medium plus body. Both my pre-video sample and my video cigar performed perfectly. It reminded me a little bit of the Romeo y Julieta Eternal Rafael did with Plasencia a couple of years ago. Envy is a little heartier and not as sweet, but just as enjoyable. It’s also a nice long and relaxing smoke. Great for after dinner or as a long, lazy afternoon smoke, the Romeo y Julieta Envy Amulet offers a refined smoke that ranks up there with the brand’s best, limited edition or otherwise.