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Puros Indios Piramide #2

Cigar Attributes

Puros Indios Piramide #2 cigars are one of the most asked for and highly-rated Honduran cigars made today. Plus, they’re available in a vast array of shapes and sizes. Rich Ecuadorian Sumatra or Maduro wrappers, plus fillers from Brazil, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic dominate the blend, offering some of the most flavorful cigars on the planet. You won’t find many cigars of this caliber at these prices either. Try a box today!

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Puros Indios Pyramide #2 Maduro Cigar

Score: 7.8

By Hayward Tenney

The Puros Indios Pyramide #2 Maduro is impressive to behold; one of these cigars you’re tempted to smoke publicly, just because. While listed as a 6½” x 50 ring, I measured it more like a 56 ring at the foot. Regardless, its mass makes for a hell of a first impression.

It’s well rolled with slightly visible seams and a spongy spring that’s not too soft. There are a couple moderate veins in the wrapper, which has an oily sheen and chocolaty hue. I initially went with V cut, but about halfway through ended up making a flat cut to draw more smoke (the ability to control smoke volume being a nice feature of pyramids, IMO).

On lighting, I detected base flavors of mild pepper with some woody notes. These notes of wood strengthen somewhat, but the cigar actually maintained a consistent, if relatively uneventful, medium-bodied presence. Hints of aged leather accented the aroma, and the cigar produced a strong, brindled gray ash that I tapped off regularly in 1″ nuggets. The finish was short with just a tang of sweetness.

I laid it to rest with slightly less than 2” remaining. As it doesn’t require too much attention and burns evenly for over an hour, I would recommend it with a few cold ones. It’s a good, long smoke that neither over- or underwhelms, and for this flavor profile, would sit well alongside a pilsner or amber ale.

Appearance: 9
Construction: 7
Burn: 8
Draw: 7
Aroma: 8
Flavor: 8
Final Score: 7.8