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My Weekend Cigar: Apr. 16, 2018 – Nub Nuance Single Roast 460

MY WEEKEND CIGAR: Nub Nuance Single Roast Cigar Review

When Life Gives You Grinds, Make Coffee

Updated February 2023

As I was rummaging through my girlfriend’s humidor on this particular Sunday morning, I noticed the contents were all coffee-infused cigars. She rarely smokes cigars; but when the occasion arises, this is what she likes, though mostly in Petit Corona sizes. I suddenly spotted a Nub Nuance Single Roast 460, so I plucked it out because, for one, I was in the mood for something lighter in body, secondly, I find the aroma of this cigar irresistible, and finally, because my choices were extremely limited.


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The Nub Nuance Single Roast (formerly known as Nub Cafe Cappuccino) 460 spins the rich taste of full-aged tobaccos with the flavor of fresh-brewed cappuccino for a sweet and satisfying smoke of ample proportions.

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Size: 4″ x 60
Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Filler & Binder: Dominican Republic

My Experience: Situating myself out on the porch, upon placing this formidable little number between my lips, I had forgotten that the Nub Nuance, like many infusion-style cigars, has a sweetened cap. I’ve never been a fan of this feature (except for one cigar in particular that is not infused), and frankly, it’s the only con I have about the Nub Nuance and its ilk. So let’s get to the good parts.

The Nub Nuance Single Roast 460 cigar is expertly rolled to a hefty 4″x 60 with no soft spots, and the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is smooth with an attractive oily sheen. Once lit, that awesome cappuccino aroma smacks you right in the face, while the smoke issues a creamy texture and sharply-defined flavors of cedar and vanilla caramel from top to bottom. By its midpoint the sweet cap has all but faded, and as the cigar winds down into the second and third stages, spicier notes and richer tobacco flavors enter the fray.

Suffice it to say. . .Nub Nuance is not for everyone. But if you’ve had cigars like JAVA, Tabak Especial, or Tatiana Mocha, you’ll find it pleasantly satisfying. Moreover, the 60 ring does offer a lot more tobacco flavor, if that’s your thing. The cigar paired well with my coffee, but I suggest that if you follow the coffee route, go with it black, unsweetened, or with as little sugar as possible. Finally, if you’ve had the Nub Nuance Double Roast and/or the Nuance Triple Roast and they were too bold for you, try the Single Roast, and I’m pretty certain you’ll come around.

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