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Cigar smoker seeks “guaranteed accurate” hygrometer

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Q. Does anyone make a humistat that is guaranteed to be accurate? I have three humidors and 4 different types/brands including digital. I can place all of them in a single humidor and the next day getting a variance of to 10 percent between them? I would buy one that is guaranteed accurate. There must be some out there. Right?
– Mel W.
A. Short of buying a hygrometer that’s used in research laboratories, I wish I had somewhere to point you, but I don’t. I do remember speaking with the head of one of the leading cigar accessory manufacturers not too long ago, who told me they were working on a digital hygrometer that could be calibrated.

In the meantime, I would suggest that you “learn” where the right humidity is in each of your cigar humidors. For example, I have digital hygrometer in one of my humidors that I know reads 10% low. When I check it, if it reads 60% I know it’s 70%.

Ideally, we’d all like these units to work like a dream, but I think this is just one of the small sacrifices us cigar smokers have to deal with, as you yourself have pointed out.

As long as the cigars feel supple, they should be fine. I’ve never completely relied on the hygrometer. It’s the hand man. ;-)

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