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Cigarnival 2012: My Takeaway From The Event

Sorry this is coming a few days after the fact – but I’m still getting my feet back under me after Cigarnival 2012. My original thought was to write something that was a grand recap of everything that happened here at Leaf this past weekend, but “when someone sings his own praises, he always gets the tune too high.”

cigarnival 2012
Attendees enjoy Cigarnival 2012

I could bang the drum loudly and give you some fancy write up about how fantastic Cigarnival 2012 was (it really was),
how many people were there (lots),
how big the raffle was (over 12 grand in prizes – ridiculous),
how incredible the food tasted (delicious – the team at Leaf is spectacular),
the stellar cigar selection (over 50 vendors? Crazy.) and just about how this was a cigar festival of immense proportion. And I will bang the drum very loudly for the entire staff at Leaf Cigar Bar and Famous Smoke Shop, who continue their commitment to producing the most special event you’ll ever attend. For a newcomer to the party like me, it’s a pleasure just to be a part of it all.

But as I said up front, that’s not what it’s about. And besides, I don’t need to. Our fellow cigar fans are doing it for me. I realize I’m stating the obvious here – there’s something special about a good cigar; and then there’s something even more special about sharing a good cigar with some friends (everyone is a friend on a day like Cigarnival). So, I decided to share what some of the people who attended said about the experiences we all shared:

“Thanks for organizing one of the best events I’ve been to in years! The cigars, accessories, casino, access to vendors, and great food/beer, grade A+ event!”
– Kevin Keithan, at Cigar Bar

“Gotta say, 1st Cigarnival and boy am I so glad I bagged the ‘other’ PA fest for this one, THIS WAS AWESOME! I expect to make this a yearly routine. Not only was the event over the top, the cigars, the food, the people, the raffles but the staff in the humidor were over the top. Met some great people too. If you ever had a doubt about what show to go to…….THIS IS THE ONE!”
-Mikey Vee, at Cigar Bar

“My first CIGARNIVAL and won’t be the last…already planning for next year, what a blast. Best event I have ever attended.”
-Jeff Cortes at Expo

“CIGARNIVAL!!!!! Wow! What an event?! Fantastic food and lots of it! Great cigars, and never ending activities made for an amazing two day bash! Thank you Famous for a memorable weekend.”
-Curtis Gregg Jr., at

“Congratulations to the staff at Leaf for a phenomenal Cigar Expo. We just got home and had a blast. Thanks for putting together such a terrific event. Looking forward to next year already.”
-Charles Stivali, at Cigar Bar

“First time going this year. Couldn’t believe how awesome it was for my buddy and I. Had the VIP tickets. Absolutely glad we did. Awesome.”
– Zoran Arsenijevic, at Expo

See, this whole “Cigarnival,” “Cigar Expo,” etc. thing is really about you. We do things like Cigarnival to not just say “thanks,” but to give you an opportunity to get together with friends and family, meet the people responsible for making your favorite cigar (or get the business end of a super soaker from Rocky Patel) and doing what you love – having a good smoke together.

Some of my favorite times were spent with friends over a cigar, and I’m sure you’re no different. La Aroma de Cuba’s around the firepit at my parents’ house with my cousin. Hoyo de Monterrey’s with Bob and Larry on the patio behind Rock 102 in Springfield. Montecristo’s with Doc and Jeff during the fireworks at the Rock 101 Sky Show in Manchester. La Flor Dominicana’s and martinis after my wedding reception. You get the idea, you’ve done the same thing. So while it wasn’t anybody’s wedding reception, summer festival or family reunion, it doesn’t mean we can’t throw a good party and share some cigars together. And thanks for coming!

Were you at Cigarnival 2012? Share your pictures and your stories. Let’s keep a good thing going.

~ JP ~

John Pullo

John Pullo

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