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Are there any mild cigars that will improve with aging?

Q: I’ve read that the only logical candidate for aging is a full-bodied cigar. I would also assume a cigar that has harsh, contrasting characteristics (i.e. a mild wrapper and strong fillers) is also a good choice, as the contrasts will be more harmonious over time. But I’ve also read that mild Cuban cigars like H. Upmann will get stronger with age. This seems contradictory. Are there any mild cigars that will also improve with a significant number of years of aging?
– David in New York City

A: True, full-bodied cigars, as well as some medium-bodied sticks will fare better with long-term aging. Speaking for myself, I’ve never had a cigar that got stronger with age, regardless of how long it’s been in the humidor. Almost all cigars tend to mellow over time. So, if the cigar is already mild, depending on how long it’s aged, it could lose some or most of its character altogether, especially if it’s been aged for a “number of years.” That said, mild cigars that are bitter or “young” in flavor will usually improve with some extra humidor time. They won’t get stronger, but they will shed at least some of their bitterness within a few months.