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Fan Mail: Still More of Your Burning Cigar Questions Answered (Part 36)

Three More Burning Questions. Three More Video Answers.

Time to get back to basics with some more Cigar 101!

Here’s how it works: we love talking about cigars. So when readers write us or comment on our articles with genuine cigar questions, we’re happy to strike up a conversation that everyone can join. We tend to think that the more we all know and learn about cigars, the more we’ll all enjoy smoking them. And isn’t that “enjoy” part the whole point?

So today, we’re adding three more Fan Mail Q&A’s to the discussion list.

If you have questions about cigar store etiquette, ever wondered about cigar prices, or wanted to know how to sharpen a dull cigar cutter, you’re not the only one. Other readers asked, too – so we turned on our cameras and shot some quick videos that everyone could watch (and share) for some helpful answers and ideas.

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Check out these videos…

Cigar Question #1: What is proper cigar store etiquette?

By Jared Gulick

I received a question from Roman in North Carolina who asked, “What’s the deal with cigar store etiquette? I overheard a few people in my local store talking about it and wondered if you could explain it?” Roman, you picked a great time to field this question. Following a few basic rules is not only polite, but in the post-quarantine world we’re in, you might even help prevent the spread of COVID-19, too.

Let’s get started with a simple list:

I have outlined a few more rules to being a conscientious lover of the leaf in my video. Make sure you check it out!

Cigar Question #2: How to Sharpen a Cigar Cutter with the Right Tools

By Gary Korb

Scott in Colorado has an old cigar cutter that’s duller than a broken sandwich. (I don’t know what that means, but you can actually google that.) For sentimental reasons he’d like to keep using it, but first it needs a good sharpening. Here’s a DIY video on how to sharpen a cigar cutter that you may be able to learn from, too . . .

Cigar Question #3: How Much Does a Premium Cigar Cost – and Why are Some Cigars So Expensive?

By John Pullo

This topic came up while I was smoking cigars with a few of my neighbors a few nights ago, when we got going about cigar prices. Others were a little more direct about it: “Why are some cigars so expensive?

I tend to think that smoking a cigar is all about satisfaction. And that includes feeling good about what you paid for it, too. Because we all know it hurts when you spend a lot for a cigar you don’t enjoy. But once we start looking at the entire seed-to-smoke process, and all the things that go into making a cigar, it’s a little harder to get mad when you see a cigar going for 10 bucks.

Actually there are no fewer than a dozen factors that can affect the price of a cigar, and it’s more than marketing and hype. It’s the type of tobacco, where it’s grown, and how well it grows and cures and ferments. It’s the size and the shape of the cigars, and the taxes and fees and…well, that all adds up quick. But the most expensive thing is TIME. Time is money, and we talk about all the things that take that time in my short video. Watch now: