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Fan Mail: Your Burning Cigar Questions, Answered (Part 39)

Cigar Questions. Video Answers.

Three more reader questions caught our eye this month; but rather than just keep these Q&As between us, we thought these tips and tidbits were share-worthy enough to include in this Fan Mail.

After all, knowing more will help you enjoy your cigars more.

In this month’s videos, Jared has answered a question about how cigar cello is made…Gary does a demo of a trick to fix unraveling cigar wrappers…and John has a few shortcuts that will help you pick the right drink to pair with your favorite cigar.

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Check out these videos…

Cigar Question #1: Is cigar cellophane made out of plastic?

By Jared Gulick

Don in Philadelphia, Pa asks, “Is the cellophane on my cigar made out of plastic?” It’s a question we’ve been asked and answered before (more times than we can count). But for this edition of Fan Mail, I’m taking the answer a step further with some visual aids – because…did you know that cellophane burns instead of melts? C heck out my video response where we put the question to bed for good:

Cigar Question #2: Can you repair an unraveling cigar wrapper with milk?

By Gary Korb

Some cigar repair hacks are better seen than read. Take Quentin in Mississippi, for example. He was skeptical about one of my Cigar Advisor tips, where an unraveling cigar wrapper can be repaired with a little carefully applied milk. So, he wrote to us and asked if one of us could actually demonstrate it on video. So I tried it for myself – watch now and see if it really works. . .

Cigar Question #3: Which cigars pair with which drinks?

By John Pullo

Rob in Illinois inspired this Happy Hour edition of Fan Mail, when he asked which should come first when pairing cigars and drinks: the cigars, or the drinks? Very few of us that are walking encyclopedias of cigar tasting notes, or can remember every single nuance of a whisk(e)y or wine – that’s a master blender or distiller’s skill – but there are some shortcuts you can take to finding the right drink for the right cigar. Review the cheat sheet with me, in this short video…