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Fan Mail: Your Burning Cigar Questions, Answered (Part 40)

More Cigar Questions. And More Cigar Answers.

We’re up to 40 of these things? Seems like we just started yesterday! Since then, the Cigar Advisor inbox has been filled with every cigar topic you can think of. Seriously. We could probably write a book. From beginners, intermediates, and pros who’ve perfected the art, it’s stuffed with burning cigar questions from every experience level. You’ve made it clear that as cigar smokers, we never stop learning.

On tap this month is a trio of messages from around the globe. We’re covering questions about why all cigars taste the same to some smokers, the difference in flavor between cigarillos and full-sized premium cigars of the same blend, and whether the practice of ‘wetting’ the wrapper before lighting is good, bad, or brings no difference at all.

Join us for the answers below and be sure to send your future questions to us here in the comments…and on our social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Maybe we’ll feature yours in the next edition of Cigar Advisor Fan Mail!

Cigar Question #1: Does wetting a cigar’s wrapper make it taste better?

By Gary Korb

That’s what Saquon in Mobile, Alabama wanted to know. To tell the truth, I had heard about this peculiar wrapper treatment from some fellow BOTLs during a virtual herf. We’re not talking about licking the cigar either. It’s more like dousing. So when I got Saquon’s email I decided to look into this cigar wrapper wetting thing more deeply. And there it was, in a 2016 blog post; so, it’s not new. Plus, this technique is used by one of the world’s most respected premium cigar aficionados. With that, I just had to try it. Watch this video to see how it’s done and what I learned.

Cigar Question #2: Do cigarillos taste the same as full size premium cigars?

By John Pullo

Bob in Bow, New Hampshire is in winter cigar smoking mode – because he wants to know if cigarillos will taste the same as full size cigars. Based on its size, it’s hard for a cigarillo to develop the full range of nuances that you’d find in a big cigar of the same blend. Depending on what you’re smoking, it can get pretty close. But is it the same? As in, is my cigarillo going to act like a miniature Liga Privada T52, and give me all the same things I love about that cigar?

In my answer, we’ll explore the cigarillo’s flavor profile properties - I also touch on some circumstances when it might be better to go smoke a cigar from a tin or little cigar instead of a big premium, and some humidification tips for cigarillos and cigars in tins. Watch this short video now!

Cigar Question #3: Why does every cigar taste the same to me?

By Jared Gulick

Pasquale in Essen, Germany writes: “I started smoking cigars a few months ago. I really enjoy them, but all of my cigars taste the same. I see people talking about all these different flavors but mine never change. Am I doing something wrong?”

Pasquale, I love your question. Mostly because it often gets shrugged off by more experienced smokers with something like, “your cigars all taste the same because developing your palate takes time.” Technically, that answer is correct, but it ignores a lot of the trial and error most of us went through to get to that developed stage. The truth is, there are things you can start doing right now to get on track. And I’d be willing to bet you’ll start noticing the differences as soon as your next cigar. Check out my video and I’ll walk you through a few easy ways to extract more flavor variety out of every puff you take.