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Fan Mail: More Burning Cigar Questions Answered (Part 43)

When it comes to cigars, no one knows it all. We’re all forever learning and refreshing what we know about smoking. And part of that is what keeps us coming back. The second you think you’ve got it all figured out, someone’s figured out a better way. Our Fan Mail series highlights fan-submitted cigar questions that range from the basics, all the way to expert. We aim to tackle them all.

This month, we have three excellent cigar questions that need answers. John talks about the difference between a ‘shaggy’ and ‘brushed’ foot, Jared goes down the rabbit hole on why cigars and cigarettes couldn’t be more different, and Gary’s got some tips and tricks to get your cellophane off with ease.

Don’t see a question you need answered? Only you can fix that. Drop it to us in the comments below and maybe we’ll pick yours next month!

Cigar Question #1: What is a shaggy foot cigar, and why do some cigars have them?

By John Pullo

You’ve probably seen some of these on your cigar shop’s shelf – where the binder and filler extend beyond the wrapper, and it looks like the end of the cigar is unfinished. Paul from Upper Darby, PA asked us about this, after taking the sleeve off a Tabak Especial and noticing the shaggy foot.

When the cigar roller doesn’t cut the foot of the cigar as it’s being made, the binder and filler overflow out of the end of the cigar giving it a rustic look – the “shag” in a shaggy foot. John found how cigar makers roll a cigar with an exposed foot, along with a few reasons why they do it. Hint: it’s mostly for the flavor. See his answer now:

Cigar Question #2: What are the differences between cigars and cigarettes?

By Jared Gulick

Mark from Everett, WA recently asked, “Other than the filter and size, are there any differences between cigars vs. cigarettes?” Yes. For one, there are nearly 600 additives and more than 7000 chemicals in cigarettes, whereas cigars are completely natural. Check out Jared’s video answer where he goes all-in to give you a better understanding of the vast differences between cigars and cigarettes.

Cigar Question #3: What’s the Best Way to Remove the Cello from a Cigar?

By Gary Korb

Ethan in Florida is a new cigar smoker who wanted to know the best way to remove the cellophane from a cigar. Actually, there is no specific method. The key is to remove the cigar without tearing the wrapper or causing some other injury to it. Whatever works is fine, but for Ethan and others like him, Gary demonstrates several ways to take the cello off of your cigar. Watch now and compare his techniques to the way you do it. You may just find it very interesting.