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Fan Mail: Even More Burning Cigar Questions Answered (Part 48)

Our Top Cigar Question Picks for February 2022!

“I saw that your last Fan Mail article said “Part 47” in the title. Is there really that many cigars questions? Is there really that much to learn?” – Dan in Boulder, CO.

We actually got a Fan Mail question about Fan Mail. A little meta, isn’t it?

Maybe. But Dan brings up a good point. There is a lot to learn and part of that learning is compounded by change. Remember when the 70/70 humification rule was sage advice? Conventional wisdom now points to using a lower humidity…and who knows…maybe one day it’ll change again as we discover more. It’s kind of like science. We used to think the earth was flat. Now we know better.

This constant evolution means that we’ll occasionally revisit topics with new information. And if a question’s answer is subjective, we may add several of our own opinions to give you as much perspective as possible.

Don’t worry. We don’t expect you to absorb all 48 of these articles – or watch all the videos –even though plenty of you have (thanks for that!). But we’d bet if you have a question, we’ve answered it. If not, send it our way and we’ll likely feature it in short order.

This month, we’re defining Ligero tobacco, talking about the difference between flavors of pepper and spice, and helping you choose the right cutter for your cigars.

Cigar Question 1: What’s the difference between pepper and spice?

By Paul Lukens

Today’s question comes from Pete from Binghamton, NY who asks, I hear cigars described as peppery or spicy, sometimes as both or using the terms interchangeably. Is there a difference between the 2? While Paul can’t speak for everyone, for him the answer is yes. Watch the video to get a better understanding of how pepper and spice are different.

Cigar Question 2: What type of cigar cutter should I use?

By Gary Korb

Deciding what type of cigar cutter to use is one of those things generally reserved for new cigar smokers. Patrick in Virginia wanted to know what type of cutter he should use, so Gary dug into his own cutter collection to help him out

Cigar Question 3: What is Ligero tobacco?

By Jared Gulick

Hank from Graeagle, CA left a question in my inbox. “What is Ligero tobacco?” Simply put, it’s a portion of a tobacco plant’s uppermost leaves and is usually quite potent both in flavor and nicotine content. The word Ligero has become a buzz word for high octane cigars and brands like La Flor Dominicana, Oliva, and more have gone as far to name their blends after it.

In my video, we’ll delve into what makes these tobacco primings so strong, why they have to be used in small quantities, and even how you can spot Ligero in your own cigars. Check it out now!