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Fan Mail: More Burning Cigar Questions Answered (Part 52)

See Cigar Advisor’s video answers to the latest top cigar questions!

Do you smell that? Ah, yes…burning cigar questions!

A longtime staff favorite, Fan Mail returns with our 52nd installment! We’re tackling popular cigar topics ripped straight from our inbox. In this edition we answer: 5 things every smoker should know, how much a wrapper leaf contributes to cigar flavor, and why you shouldn’t freak out if you see a few spots and stains on your cigar.

Check out our video responses and remember. If you have a burning cigar question, reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram, or simply leave a comment below!

Cigar Question 1: How much flavor comes from the wrapper of the cigar?

By Jared Gulick

J.D. in Houston, TX asks, “How much does the wrapper leaf contribute to a cigar’s flavor? Some people say it’s almost all of it, but others seem to think it’s not as much. Who’s right?”

Whoa there, J.D. This is a dangerous question, because no matter how I answer it, I’m sure to make new enemies. The wrapper flavor percentage debate is almost as fierce as the cello on or off debate. There’s no shortage of passionate opinions about wrapper flavor and how much it influences (or doesn’t influence) a cigar. As subjective as it may seem, there is a ballpark answer—though it doesn’t always fit. Check out my video response to learn more!

Cigar Question 2: 5 Things Every Cigar Smoker Should Know.

By Gary Korb

Benji, a new cigar smoker in Rhode Island wrote: “I got into smoking premium cigars over the summer. I enjoy it a lot but I’m still learning how to make my smoking experience better. What would you say are the five most important things cigar smokers should know?” I thought this was an excellent question, since even some experienced smokers may find basics like cutting, lighting, humidification and more very informative. Watch now.

Cigar 101: What are the 5 most important things every cigar smoker should know? from Famous Smoke Shop on Vimeo.

Cigar Question 3: What are the spots and stains on my cigar?

By Paul Lukens

Today’s question comes from Wayne in Manhattan, Kansas who asks, ‘Besides plume, what are the stains I sometimes see on cigar wrappers? Thanks for the question, and I admit I had to consult agricultural engineer Didier Houvenaghel’s ‘The Cigar, ‘From Soil to Soul’ to get a definitive answer for you. Like most, I assumed if it doesn’t wipe off, it’s mold—but there’s more to it than that as you’ll see in the video below.