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Fan Mail: Even More Burning Cigar Questions Answered (Part 53)

See Cigar Advisor’s video answers to the latest top cigar questions!

With the holidays right around the corner, the Cigar Advisors are digging deep into their mail bag in search of unanswered cigar questions. This month, they’re tackling the difference between long and short filler cigars, how to host Thanksgiving for cigar-smoking guests, and whether you should smoke a fresh-rolled cigar…or let it age!

Check out our video responses below and remember…if you have a burning cigar question, reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram or simply leave a comment below!

Cigar Question 1: What’s the difference between long filler and short filler cigars?

By Gary Korb

Seth in Tallahassee, FL wanted to know the difference between short filler cigars and ‘Cuban Sandwich’ cigars. Although Cuban Sandwich cigars also use short filler, they are different in several ways. Watch now as Gary explains both blends in detail, including how very different short filler and Cuban Sandwich cigars are from premium hand-rolled cigars.

Cigar Question 2: Should I smoke a fresh-rolled cigar right away?

By Paul Lukens

Today’s question comes from Al in Escondido, California who asks, ‘I was at an event that had a cigar roller and picked up a few fresh rolled cigars. They’ve been sitting on my table for 3 days—are they still ok to smoke?’

Thanks for the question, Al. First off, if you haven’t already, go ahead and try one of the fresh rolled cigars. While it won’t taste like an aged cigar, it’s still worth experiencing. As for the remaining stash of your fresh, hand-rolled cigars, check out the video below for a few options.

Cigar Question 3: What are the best cigars to buy if I’m hosting Thanksgiving?

By Jared Gulick

Mark from Lansing, WV wrote to me last week with a holiday cigar question we all have faced:

“Hey there, Advisors. I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year and we have lots of cigar lovers in the family. Should I buy some for them or ask them to bring their own? If I’m buying, what should I be spending? I obviously don’t want to go broke. Any help would be appreciated!”

Mark, there’re a few dos and don’ts to consider when you’re hosting any holiday for cigar smokers. From bundled cigars to etiquette, there’s lots to talk about. Let’s get into the details in my video response below!