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Fan Mail: This Month’s Top Cigar Questions…Answered! (Part 55)

Your burning cigar questions answered. See the latest video responses!

You brought your A-game with excellent cigar questions, so we’ve brought ours for the video answers! This 55th installment of Cigar Advisor Fan Mail features topics that range from how we identify flavors and choosing the right cigars for beginners, to gauging hygrometer accuracy and more. We’ll respond briefly below, along with a short video that goes deeper into the topic at hand. Thanks as always for sending us great topics!

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Cigar Question 1: I’m new to cigar smoking, how do I pick out new cigars to try?

By John Pullo

Jack from Arizona wants some advice on how to help a novice smoker pick out cigars. Since it’s not this person’s first cigar ever, you might at least have some basic likes or dislikes to go on. What have they smoked and enjoyed? I also have a technique that calls to mind how choosing a wine can help you choose a cigar, and we’ll even talk a bit about whether you can really trust the ratings enough to make a cigar recommendation simply by numbers in a magazine.

Watch now and get the tips and techniques to help your friend – or you – find your favorite cigar.

Cigar Question 2: How do reviewers taste certain flavors in cigars?

By Jared Gulick

Rachel from Reno, Nevada wrote me an e-mail this month asking, “How do you taste certain flavors in cigars? To me, cigars just taste like tobacco. I’m new to smoking. Am I missing something?”

Don’t worry, Rachel! We’ve all been there. Like acquiring any taste, learning to uncover the subtle nuances of cigar flavors takes time. You’re not wrong in saying that your cigars taste like tobacco. Surely—they are tobacco. But when cigar reviewers like us are trying to convey those flavors to smokers like you, we need something to reference. The most obvious choice is food. And because we all eat stuff every day, there’s always a relevant correlation. Check out my full video response where I go deeper into the sometimes-crazy world of cigar flavors!

Cigar Question 3: What are some tips for smoking a cigar while golfing?

By Paul Lukens

Jeff, from Duluth, Minnesota says, “I’m a cigar smoker who’s recently taken up golf. Do you have any tips for how to best enjoy a cigar on the golf course?”

Thanks for the great question, Jeff. Here are a couple pointers for smoking cigars while golfing. There are basically 3 things to keep in mind:

These guidelines are just the beginning. For a more in-depth answer check out the full video!

Cigar Question 4: How accurate is the hygrometer in my humidor?

By Gary Korb

Brian in Kansas has a problem with the accuracy of the hygrometer that came with his glass front 100-ct. humidor. “I would like to keep it around 65%,” wrote Brian. “I am currently using a Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 [which] is reading 63%, but the hygrometer is reading 37%. Any suggestions would really be appreciated.”

Odds are the Cigar Oasis is showing the correct reading, which points the problem at the hygrometer. Recalibrating your hygrometer with a Boveda pack is a good start, but there may be some others factors contributing to the problem. See how Gary responded to Brian’s dilemma.